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Free Stuff with freecycle - Carers UK Forum

Free Stuff with freecycle

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere on here, but freecycle.org is a good place to go for things you might need.
Things are offered free of charge and you can also offer things you no longer need, and request things, all in your local area.

Nothing is ever free these days, but it is nice to find where freebies exist.... Image

Grassroots movement of people who are giving and getting stuff for free in their area. Browse freecycling groups to find one near you.

anewstart (Joanne)
Thanks Joanne, always useful to have the information. Pixienubbins posted about it before but can't remember if it was the same site, but that was before you joined and its great for all the newbies to be told too Image
thank you, I've just joined
Image it's a really usefull site, we've both passed on and received quite a few things Image
no problem it is very useful and good to spread the word, you never know what you will find. It also makes you feel good giving stuff away!
Some freecycle sites now called freegle. This is the case in Birmingham.

I've had problems trying to sign up to this website. Do you need to belong to a yahoo group? (It keeps going back to my typed in email/password, rendering it blank).
You need to go onto Yahoo Groups and register as a New User. Fill in the form and you'll see it says 'select an ID and password', then it gives you your @yahoo.co.uk address, which is the one to use for Yahoo groups. So just put [url=mailto:]'blahblahblah'@yahoo.co.uk[/url].
Once you've clicked Create my Account at the bottom, you're in.

Then you can go search for your local Freecycle(Freegle) Group and start. They usually like you to OFFER something first, before you start 'taking' things, but that's only fair! Self-regulating site and I've found it nothing but friendly and useful and if you're in any doubt as to what to do or how to put adverts up etc they're very helpful.

Hope this helps, Amy, in my usual long-winded way of putting things!
Maany thanks frandrake - does it mean I'll have another email account (along with the one I already have)? If so, and don't use it regularly, don't they close the account?
Never done that with me, I only use that one for Freegle.