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Hi Rob

It's more like fear of breaking the damned thing and not having any money for repair or replacement.
There is still a mentality out there amongst certain females, that we blokes are supposed to have the answers to everything mechanical. But why? Is this learned helplessness, or just laziness?
Perhaps more a case of 'why keep a dog and bark yourself' Image Image Image Image Image

But seriously Rob I thought all you chaps considered the DIY jobs to be the 'manly' ones and all the 'domestic' jobs to be the 'girly' ones ?????????????????????

Personally I can do most DIY jobs myself, but then I had a very good teacher - Thanks Dad Image Image Image
OK I hold up my hands, I can do all the little jobs around the house, but why get dirty if you have a 'handy' man to do the 'men's' work for you! Image Image Image Image
Why lazy?My husband did most DIY things round the house when the children were small when I did the cooking and cleaning. There were some things, like childrens wardrobes, or birthday cakes that we did together, and we made a pretty good team.I would say that between me working and him doing childcare, and us doing everything in the house and garden between us,we did okay,and both had plenty of time for fun with the children. Image
Our beloved assistance dog used to regularly break the front door Yale catch, when he pulled on the cord to open it for hubby. One day, after buying yet another locking system, I was taking the insides of the new one out, to screw them into the old casing, in my 'scruffs' and all of a mess ............... when a well-to-do woman friend of hubbys dropped by in her classy car and expensive white coat and jeans. Of course the front door was wide open and "Oh", she said to me "you're doing MAN'S JOBS."
I bit my lip. With such a small job and hubby unable to physically do things, what choice did (DO) I have? Cheeky woman, who ought to have known better. It really upset me at the time, though, as she walzed in and completely ignored me after that.