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Advice & help re DIY around the home - Carers UK Forum

Advice & help re DIY around the home

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
My partner used to do all the DIY jobs around our home before he had his stroke. Now he is unable to do these and I have struggled to keep up with the many little jobs which need doing. I work full time and have little spare time and no spare cash! Does anyone know of any groups who offer free or relatively inexpensive DIY type services? If so I would be much obliged.

Thank you.
We have a "handyperson" scheme here in the Highlands. It is done by referral from social work department and the chap is friendly and prices reasonable, or free, depending on situation.

Take care
We also have a handyperson service, here called Care and Repair, accessed through out OT.
Very good, very helpful and very reasonably priced Image
Don't know if you have one locally but if you do an internet search for a local 'LETS Scheme' they may be able to help. It stands for Local Exchange Trading Scheme and it is a national things but relies on local people to set up groups.

Basically it's a skills exchange thing where you are given a a certain amount of 'Readies' when you join (a bit like a made up currency that you can use to buy services) and you can spend them on whatever anyone local is offering. Where I used to live we used our LETS Scheme to get our door re hung, get some bits fixed around the house and occasionally have someone do shopping trips for us. It's all done by people who volunteer their services and many people (in our experience) are proffesional but just offering their services for people who are short of cash, but it might be worth a try. Hope this helps.
We have Care and Repair too. Either your local Carers' support group or the SS or library can put you in touch with a phone number.

Or you can become a SuperWomanMan, like I am!
My husband has just been discharged from hospital after a particularly nasty chest infection and I expressed concern at my ability to cope with him on discharge. Amongst todays visitors was a lady from the local Red Cross and she's been brilliant. As well as practical support, she's arranging for a number of referrals to local agencies, including a handyman service that others have referred to. Worth investigating your local Red Cross I think!
Oh yeah, perhaps I could get a job as one of their handymen and odd job men. Anything undertaken.
Thanks for all your advice - will let you know how I get on with all the little jobs which need doing around the house.

Btw some I have managed myself....but others well I am better leaving to others, clumsy as I am Image
it's surprising what you can do when there is no one else to do it, well done for getting stuck in Image Image Image
Daughter, aged 20, today went all helpless and said the dishwasher wasnt working properly. I am not a technical person either. But anyway, I looked at it and some small seeds had stuck up the nozzles, and needed to be cleared out. So I cleared them.

There is still a mentality out there amongst certain females, that we blokes are supposed to have the answers to everything mechanical. But why? Is this learned helplessness, or just laziness?