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Help please confident gardeners

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I've found a plant in a pot at the bottom of the garden. Faded label reads Berberis thunb..
I've googled and it and it says it's an invasive species? Anyone any ideas. Shall I keep or throw it away?
Hi Pet66,

It looks like a hedging plant. Do you like it? If not, throw it away! What is it doing in a pot? Makes it easier to chuck...

https://www.rhs.org.uk/plants/search-re ... thunbergii
Greta thank you. Sounds silly but I don't know if I like it or not! It was amongst all of the things my husband hoarded as his dementia was setting in. He started to buy things for no reason. I didn't even know it existed amongst the junk. Its survived anyway. I don't need anymore hedging so maybe another ruthless Chuck out will be best.
Berberis is a very useful hedging shrub - it has thorns/prickles so a very good deterrent for burglars and unwanted animals (like that pesky cat !). Depending on which variety it is it will have small yellow or orange flowers in spring followed by evergreen leaves and small berries - if you trim it back each year it won't grow too big. I have one just my back gate and the birds love the berries !
I've got a HUGE purple leaved Berberis bush outside my utility room window and I tell you, if I ever get burgled they WON'T be getting in through that window! The thorns are vicious!

I get tiny 'sproglet' plants growing through the gaps in the paving beyond, which I often gently (with gloves!) pull up and repot to grow on, but I have to say I don't consider it an invasive species at all.

As Susie says, it's a great deterrent, plus very spectacular visually, and good for feeding birds (a lot of little sparrows roost in mine - presumably feeling safe from cats in there!)

If you do want to get rid of it, do offer it to other householders - they cost good money in garden centres!!!!
Hi Pet,
Anything with thorns is a pain (literally!) to prune. My neighbours ( inconsiderate side) inherited such bushes and they run between our front gardens. Granted they stop the kids and dog crossing onto our front garden from theirs BUT I hate pruning it, I had to buy very thick gardening gloves whilst clipping it and bagging up the clippings etc

It isn't invasive, it's quite slow growing. can make quite a nice bush. Bees love the early flowers.

But the definition of a weed is anything growing in the wrong place, so if it's not for you are your garden, out it goes
Lol everyone, well I did ask!! It's ok at the moment in the pot, waiting for a decision. Seems it produces purple flowers,and yes it is thorny. When my garden is in some sort of order, ( WHEN and if is how I feel today) I will make my mind up. I don't remember hubby buying it but he must of, because I didn't. Thanks everyone. You have helped.
Here you go Pet - this must be the one you've got

https://www.gardenia.net/plant/berberis ... e-barberry
If it has been in the pot too long it may ave got root-bound an starved of nutrients?