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advice about what paid carers can do please - Carers UK Forum

advice about what paid carers can do please

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I have been a carer for over 2 years. My husband has been given a continuing care package which we couldn't survive without, He gets extreme pain and nausea and gently rubbing his back helps to comfort him and distract him from the pain. Up until now carers have awkwardly consented to doing this when covering for me but one carer has said he might get into trouble if we tell the agency that this happens. He is a lovely carer and I don't want to cause him any trouble but it is really worrying my husband. The carers English isn't good so I just need to know if anyone else has any information on what is appropriate to ask carers to do. Any thoughts...?
Hi Jacqui

Has your husband had a review from the agency recently?

If this is a new request for care workers then the agency needs to be informed, so that an up to date care plan can be done for your husband by the agencies care plan organiser or assessor- with you there of course, to explain.

I am sure that there shouldn't be any problem if this request is written on the new care plan and as soon as possible.

If I requested anything different for my mother - they always obliged and it usually got started until the care plan was written up (can take a few days)


usually, this type of request would be discussed as part of your husbands care package. A risk assessment would then be carried out.
Your G.P. could also if he agreed confirmed this is very helpful.
I have previously been a carer. I could see some carers being/feeling some concerns.
Do your husbands carers worked in pairs?
Thanks for your replies. I'll look into adding it to his care plan. The folders don't include the risk asesment so I'm not sure what's been considered. Good carers are few and far between and I think we're lucky to get one at a time, so no they don't come to our house in pairs, although they are only rarely alone in the house.

I am not sure what the 'risk' could be?

Is it to do with personal care? My mother had toileting care and wash down 'below' from both male and female care workers, and neither she was bothered who did it (as long as they were kind and gentle) and neither did the care workers have any problems.
But it did have to be in the car plan.
Thanks Christina. That's a very good point. Perhaps it has simply been an issue because it isn't recorded in the care plan. Will gt that sorted. Initially he didn't need as much physical support so it's all a bit out of date. Thanks