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Hi just some advice if possible pls. I have just been to my last call, and the service user informed me that another carer had told her a certain other service user didn't like. She didn't say who but did tell me it was a woman. I have only worked for the company six weeks, and was quite upset as it came as a total shock? Should I just leave it, or should I ask my supervisor whether there is an issue with somebody and the care I am giving them? I think I may know who made the comment, as there are only five females I care for, but obviously can't point fingers. I'm annoyed as I was completely unaware of the things this person was saying about me, and have tried so hard at every call to please everyone :( :( :(
Hi, Emily - just to say that actually, despite the title of the forum, it's only for 'family carers' rather than professional care-workers like yourself.

That said, there are some members here who are also care-workers (in addition to their family carees), plus many of us do employ professional care-workers, so may have useful recommendations for you.

Do remember that if any of your carees suffer from dementia, or maybe are just 'very elderly', what they say about you may not be 'true' and shouldn't really be taken much notice of in terms of being upset by it. Lots of people here, who have an elderly relative with dementia, get used to be falsely accused, insulted, criticised and so on - they've learnt, sadly, that it isn't the person genuinely 'meaning' it, it's simply the dementia having its say!

All the best to you, kind regards, Jenny