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The BIBLE on hospital discharges ? ... -hospital/


No " Ifs , buts or maybes " with this one !!!
Thanks for this information, Dad is in fact in a Rehab unit which is not in a hospital, We are now looking at residential care so that he has a "support network" in place which I feel will improve his quality of life as the isolation of being on his own all day whilst he was at home is a major factor contributing to his frailty. We have had our first meeting with our named social worker, I clearly advised that it was not an option for my Dad to return back home as the environment is unsafe and he is alone all day. The social worker has advised that she feels that Dad would be suitable for "extra care housing" so that he can have increased independence, & do things like go shopping, my Dad hasn't gone shopping for over 50 years !!!!
Do I have to accept this recommendation? can I refuse and request that Dad is considered for residential care? I am now concerned that the social worker will not support our request & that we will be forced to make a decision in haste which will not be the correct choice for my Dad who has never had to look after himself and has no intention of doing so at the age of 89
Thanks in advance for any advice.
Down to you , Kim.

CHC / NHS Contiung Healthcare / NHS Nursing Funded Care ... even the Fast Track flavour. ... read-35998

Hospital discharge ... part of the process ... were any of these even menioned ?

Discussed ? Offered ? Applied for ?

If the " Care " so offered is NOT in accord with the criteria outlined in the Hospital Discharge link posted earlier .
said discharge would NOT be by the book.

Question ... what was the recomendations made during the discharge process ?

Remedies ... that discharge thread again ?

As for that social worker , from which script is he / she reading ?

The hospital discharge blueprint ... or the LAs ???

As for residential care , a minefield ... AGE UK for the basics ... they specialise in this field : ... are-home/#
Have you been able to get any feedback from staff in the Unit your Dad is currently in? I wonder, too, who is responsible for his medical care while he is in this Unit and what they think - for example, is his condition currently stable or likely to deteriorate. Anything which supports your view or suggests the proposed placement would fail could be helpful to you.
Hi Kim
A Rehab unit is still a hospital and is run by NHS, it's just not an urgent or acute hospital. Therefore everything about discharge still applies.
thanks for all the advice, the social worker is being quite challenging , am I able to refuse extra care housing for my Dad? as I really don't think this is the best option for him or me as he will still be anxious about his health and will be calling me at all hours to "attend " to him. I am getting quite stressed by the social workers attitude and would like to know what my rights are can I insist that the local authority source a care home?
Hi Kim.

My initial thought ... the NHS Discharge Plan.

What has that got to say in respect of your father's future healthcare plan and potential domicle ?

Is the social worker following it ... or ... challenging aspects of it ?

CHC and it's immediate relations ... any news / progress on that possibility ?
I think that part of the problem is that Dad was discharged to rehab on Christmas Eve so the process/discussion re appropriate/future health care plan & potential domicile never occurred as the hospital wanted the bed! Prior to the meeting with the social worker at the rehab unit last week I never had any discussions with any one about Dads future, no CHC assessment or needs assessment were undertaken in the hospital setting, Dad has improved since being in re-hab as he has 24 hour care, , intense physiotherapy, regular meals and the company of other residents, however knowing my Dad as I do, he will get anxious about his health ( real or imagined) will not look after himself in any way ( i.e. cook, clean, shower etc.) so I feel he is unlikely to thrive in extra care housing environment, so will go down hill again.
Purely my initial thoughts again , Kim.

Hospital discharge ... stuck in limbo while your father remains in the rehab unit ... only parts done ... time to give it a kick start ?

Don't lose sight of the CHC angle whatever transpires !