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work focused interview

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Hop this is in the right place I am a carer I look after my wife she is sever disabled so it is a 24/7 job I have received a letter saying I have to attend a job focused interview any advice on this ??
Hello Stephen and welcome to the forum.

As this is your first post I'm moving it to the new members section where more people will see it and respond - I have no advice for you as I'm retired now but I know that lots of our members have been through the same process so I'm sure they will be along with words of wisdom Image
Hi stephen and welcome Image

Im sorry but i would'nt know what advice to give as i am still able to work at the moment. Im sure somebody on the forum might be able to give you some help. Image
Hi, firstly, welcome to the forum Image
Does your wife receive DLA, or attendance allowance or anything? And do you claim carers allowance? Im sorry if I sound nosey, but I suspect that they dont realise that you are a carer and you are being assessed for work.
Hi Stephen and welcome Image
Hopefully you are in receipt of Carers Allowance, in which case you need to make sure they know this.
Hi Stephen - just popped along to welcome you to the forum. I'm "retired" too of sorts and don't have the answers for you but am sure that someone will be able to help you. Have a look around the various areas of the forum and join in when you can - they are a great bunch of people.

Bell x
The requirement to attend WFIs is dependent on the benefits in payment and I think you would be best advised to either ring the CUK helpline or contact a welfare rights organisation but to reassure you this has come up before in various places and most carers have found that ringing the Jobcentre and explaining the situation usually results in the WFI being indefinitely deferred or cancelled.
Not sure if this helps but I recently had to attend a 'work related interview' because as well as receiving carers allowance I also receive some income support and have done so for three years. If you are in receipt of income support for three years or more it is apparently a requirement that you attend periodically for one of these interviews. I had to explain what my circumstances are and that they are very unlikely to change, that was it really. Hope this helps Image
Thanks for the answers yes I get the carers allowance my wife gets DLA and ESA she does not have to attend another ATOS joke medical till 2015 un fit for work . the DOWP have offered on the appointment letter to pay for a carer to stay with my with whilst I attend the WFI crazy I no there is no chance of me getting a job my wife needs to much attention just very annoying that they cannot pay me full time job = wage but are willing to pay someone else
I had to attend one of these, the lady was actually very nice, she said she was not 'ordering' me to find work, but offering help if at some point I felt I wanted/was able to.
She also offered me learning courses,- help with interview techniques/CV preparation etc.
She fully understood that this was not a practicality at the time and made me feel quite at ease with the process.
Hope this helps