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Carers UK Forum • why are people prisoner in hospital
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why are people prisoner in hospital

Posted: Tue Nov 01, 2016 11:49 am
by Walid_1610
Why is it that in a hospital discharge meeting they are amazed at the level of care and precaustions your providing.... but refuse to let the person your caring for out of hospital until the care package is in place? the package that does less than you are doing? why are patients held prisoner and carers ignored?

Why is it when you point out the level of hygine they are achieving is below accepted standards, because they have a qualification... but you've been trained by them and have years more exp especialy regaurding incontinance???

why is it 'our 'fault' staff lost the patients hearing aids , our responsibility to arrange for them to be replaced when they are released from hospital by arrainging through our gp for a hospital appointment to replace them?... how is all this accepted working practice?

why is it that my aunt (the parient) 3 months away from her 100th birthday, who askes everyday 'why can't i go home' , please take me home', etc. is looking like she will now die in hospital as she's started to give up and the authorities don't care?

why dispite new rights do we have no rights?

Re: why are people prisoner in hospital

Posted: Tue Nov 01, 2016 12:24 pm
by bowlingbun
Maybe if you told us your situation, rather than ask questions, we could make some positive suggestions?

Re: why are people prisoner in hospital

Posted: Tue Nov 01, 2016 6:25 pm
by jenny lucas
So far as I am aware, anyone is legally entitled to discharge THEMSELVES from hospital, whatever state of health they are in, if they so wish.

However, it probably requires the patient to be 'compos mentes' , ie, have full mental capacity and therefore capable of making a 'rational choice'. So if your aunt has NOT got dementia, or any other mental impairment, then she should, again so far as I know, be within her rights to discharge herself.

Now, if she does, then the hospital will make her sign a form saying she is discharging herself without medical approval, and at her own risk.

I expect they will also, given your aunt's extreme age, be - understandably - concerned in case 'undue pressure' is being put on her by her family. They have to be sure it is her OWN choice, made with a sound mind.

Hospitals are not prisons. They do not have any jurisdictions. If the hospital thinks your aunt is at risk, they MAY I believe get a court order to prevent her discharging herself, but I think that would be an extreme move.

Please do consult the experts at Carers UK, either by phone (often busy alas) or by email. Or seek legal advice.

Hoping your aunt gets what she wants. Kind regards, Jenny

Re: why are people prisoner in hospital

Posted: Wed Nov 02, 2016 12:28 pm
by christina 17
Hello Walid and welcome to the forum

Has the ward staff given a proposed date of discharge yet?
Are they maybe waiting for tests results to be back and input of community occupational therapist or physiotherapist or a hospital bed to be in place or other adaptations if your aunt needs them?

If your aunt is stressed about waiting, then you and family need to try and settle her distress and say that it's best that she recovers a bit more and that the care that she will be getting on discharge takes time to arrange and that you will all look forward to her coming home as soon as its all in place.
You can also speak to the hospital PALS group, the patient advice and liaison service, which gives you confidential advice and support and you can also complain to them if you are not happy with your relative's treatment or standard of care.

Hoping you get some answers and support for yourself.
Take care