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Hi Everyone, this is my first time on here, I care for my daughter 29 who has downs syndrome shes always had very challenging behavior but now she has been diagnosed with Alzhiemers. as you can imagine its been difficult to come to terms with but as a family we will cope. What i am finding difficult is the lack of support there is out there ive found this the most upsetting,She has become very violent and all i want is someone to show me how to restrain her without hurting her, thats all. This has gone on since June last year I gave up my job as day service kept ringing me at work saying they couldn`t cope with her, she now has no day service as they felt it wasn`t right for her, I ve rang duty social workers crying down the phone asking for help, they said they will pass it on to mental health, that was end of November still no one has contacted me. My daughter is on a mood enhancer and i feel that this is all anyone will ever do, some days its so hardwhen shes screamed for hours, but every day is a new start we love her very much, just wish there was someone to advise. thanks for listening xx
Hello and I'm pleased you decided to join us here Image

I cant advise really but I do know that there are 'approved' ways of restraining people, as a last resort. Not too sure how you go about finding out etc but surprised you have not been helped more. Am a bit amazed that Day Servises are struggling but somehow you are expected to cope. As you say you love your daughter very much, and I hear that loud and clear, but you do need some better support. I hope someone else will have some clearer ideas for you.

All good wishes,


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Have you tried giving our adviceline a ring on 0808 808 7777? They will be able to provide you with advice and direct you to the support you need,

Hope this helps,

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Hi Twinkle.

Welcome to the forums.

Hi Twinkle,
I am sorry I can't be of any help but would like to welcome you, and hope there might be some answers here to help you.
Hi Twinkle and welcome to the forum.

I can't offer much in the way of practical advice, but perhaps the member who started this thread can -


(click on the link above and it will take you to a topic headed "No one Cares about Learning Disabilities/ early age Dementia" in the Dementia section of the 'Specific Disabilities and Conditions' section of the forum. The member's daughter was 32 when she was first diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers.
Thankyou all so much, nice to know I`m not alone. Image xx
Hello twinkle. No you're certainly not alone. In fact you'll find it very hard now to get rid of us all !

I still am a bit puzzled about how you have not been given decent advice from members of your local Learning Disability Team. Professionals, of one sort or another should be used to working out programmes to help manage behaviours, including practical advice for physical restraint. The fact that Day Services have struggled to cope speaks volumes. Of course, it may be that advice has been offered but things just have not worked. But with LD services, helping to manage behaviour is their core business. So dont give up. The Alzheimers diagnosis may have thrown a spanner in the works as most of those specialist workers tend to be located in Older Persons teams. Keep demanding help til you get some....

Take care,