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which way to turn

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
thank you susieq will do that asap. never claimed any thing before i became a carer its a mine field out there
Try your local trading Standards as they can often do the communicating for you. Also make sure you look after your own well being and maybe contact your GP for help. They have the ability to make sure you deal with this stress properly and your wife needs you and her health will be affected more so if you are vulnerable. You have to wait and stay calm as this is just a series of threats that can be dealt with but don't try and take on all of this without professional help.
Hello and welcome Gary

I think the advice others have given you is sound and the best way forward. I can only suggest you try hard not to panic. I was in a similar situation about 5 years ago when they suddenly sent a letter saying I'd had an additional income for one month of £2400 and that meant I wasn't entitled to rent/council tax benefit for 3 months and I owed them £2600. It was their mess up. I had been backdated tax credits that were owed to me and because of a change in circumstance I had been paid £2400 in one go by HRMC... but on the same day that payment went in to my bank I paid HMRC back £1700 that I recieved and was not entitled to before my claim changed! It took the housing office 7 months to even look at my letter of appeal because they were back logged but when they eventually did they had to eat humble pie and admit i didn't owe them anything! I spent that 7 months worrying sick as I've never had any debt and never tried to defraud anyone (which was what they implied) but ultimately it got sorted out. Even if I had owed them anything they would have had to take it at a minimum amount of a period of months and not in one go.

There are a lot of advice lines out there so give the ones suggested a call and try not to fret too much.

take care

thankyou to every one that has posted your help and support have been a great comfort.finally getting through to the council and this little episode is coming to an end with a good ending for once. things are calming down and jenny feels a lot more content which in turn has lifted my spirits.. once again a BIG THANKYOU to you all .take care gaz
Thats great news Gary..another stress they didnt need to cause in the first place tho. Glad its been dealt with x