Colon Cancer! What is the survival rate?

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My relative has been analyzed as having class C or stage III colon cancer. What does it mean? How is it identified with long haul survival?
Stats vary quite a lot - it can depend on the age and overall health of the patient. Also, the stats are 'historical' in that they don't take account of the latest drugs and treatments.

Stage 3 indicates that the primary tumour has grown large, and is getting ready to 'metastatise' which is when cancer cells are shed from the primary tumour into the blood stream where they are carried around in the body -they may then 'nest' at different places (typically lungs, liver, bones, brain) and start growing into new, smaller tumours (mets, or metastases - also known as secondaries), and at that point the cancer has reached stage 4.

I believe the CRUK website has some survival rate statistics, but they are not always easy to find, because, understandably, they can be upsetting.
Hi Linda,
Can the relative ask their own doctor/consultant for more details? It varies so much from case to case that that is usually the best information.