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when main carer is hospitalise what do you do - Carers UK Forum

when main carer is hospitalise what do you do

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
After being hospitalised myself I realised we didn't have a backup plan for care for hubby (aka Grumpy). Our daughters rallied round (one even flew in from Ireland) But they had no idea when or what medication had to be given to him,so they had to bring his medication to me in hospital to do his daily docket boxes (I was on oxygen as I had pneumonia ) I also gave instructions over the phone how and when to give insulin and how to test his blood sugars Grumpy couldn't instruct as he has alzheimer's panic stations all around . Dealing with the catheter with the help of youtube was an inspiration hahahaah one good thing his personal care was done by carers who come in daily.So back up plans are in place spreadsheet for medication weekly demos for blood testing and insulin giving and hands on catheter changing/and night bag. Have you carers got a backup plan in place if not do it to day
Hi Susan ... a very important issue ... what happen's when the carer is unable to care ?

I can only speak for myself ... a former , lone , 24/7 , carer.

In my situation , the local LA would have had to step in ... running up the bill from the moment they entered my front door ... potentially causing a massive financial problem until I was able to resume caring.

Always assuming that my caree could have raised the alarm !

Emergency card for the carer ?

Subject raised a few moons ago ... October 2016 ... another one left swinging in the wind ?

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... ncy%20card

Fine , but in my case , WHO to nominate beyond the local LA ?

In essence , ALL carers should have some form of an " Emergency Plan. "

In practice , how is that to be achieved if the " Family " is remote , unaware of what the caring needs are or ... in my case as with all other lone carers ... there's only you and your caree ?
One 'solution' is simply to hospitalise the caree as well....

Or, at the very least, place them in emergency temporary residential care.
As one 80 year old mother did when entering a care home ... she took her 60 year old caree with her ... her son who would have been left helpless without her ( Posted a while ago ...Liverpool ? ... cannot locate the thread as I type. )

The problem for many is the cost of replacement care ... even in an emergency situation.

So many of our comrades are close to that financial cliff edge ... just one illness or accident and ... hey presto , over that cliff edge they go ... without a parachute.

In essence , a " Tax " on being ill ... for the carer who cannot continue to care ... falls on the innocent party , his / her caree.

Already detailed on our Lord Kitch , another one for our " Supporting " organisations to add to their " To do " pile ?

Oh dear , feeling unwell , or just had an accident , and need to be hospitalised. We'll look after your caree until you are able to care again. Nice surprise will be waiting for you. Our bill , at a minimum of £ 15 per hour , more on weekends and public holidays , for our services .
What I want to know....WHY is respite care so expensive??

Am currently locked in a battle with the 'care agency' I had to use to help me get over my breakdown last year. All the carers they sent were addicted to their mobile phones, moved into our home - took over.

They've damaged wooden furniture with coffee cup ring marks, broken the double glazing in the spare bedroom trying to jam it open. We were charged £700 a week PLUS £70 a week 'agency' commission despite the fact I couldnt get hold of the manageress/owner until after 10pm at night (unless I dialled 141 in front of my number to withhold it) also we were never told we were not expected to feed the carer (beyond the obvious basics) and ended up with a grocery bill three times what we normally pay because our carer had expensive Marks & Spencer food tastes and a £900 quarterly electric bill as UK 'is so much colder than Zimbabwe'.

All in all, not great for £40K per year.....
The " Free market economy " at it's finest ?

Question ?

What is the free market economy doing in social care ?

Making money for the private capital invested in it.

Still , it will disappear in the future once the NHS and social care is recombined ... out of necessity ???
Diane - apart from my suggestion on the Discharge thread that maybe you could reduce your costs by moving your partner's mum in with you to share the care costs (!), if you have PoA now re your mum, you COULD, you know, SELL the house, and downsize to somewhere with a small 'annexe' in which your mum, and her live in carer, could live. It would be cheaper to heat etc and then you could (FINALLY!) have a 'separate' bit of your own.

Remember, with PoA you don't need your mum to consent any longer ,and anyway, she has no legal capacity any more, does she, given her psychotic state of mind????

Again, just a thought!

PS - hate to say this, but £700 a week is cheap compared to the home counties. My friend has to pay around a £140 a day, plus food, for a carer for her dad, when she grabs a holiday....

Am going to carry on as I am for now - mainly because it appears mother now has a heart condition and I don't think the road will be so very long. This house and the capital is all I have to show for the 23 years of my life lost to caring. Its my own old age pot and coming up to my 60's I want to be able to live some semblance of life! :)

It wouldnt bother me paying out for care if 'care' was actually what we were getting!

Sitting on your butt, playing candy crush saga & yakking to your 900 strong 'family & friends' all day and into the night falls short of my idea of 'care'

Would you get/keep a job at McDonalds doing same????!!! CARING needs regulating. You couldnt get away with it with kiddie creches.
I have only just joined and not been a carer for very long. Didn't even realise I was considered a carer. However my neighbour advised me to contact our local adult social services, and while I can't say they have been very helpful, they have given me some information, plus a crisis in care form to fill in and send back. On it i have to put loads of information about my husband's condition, how he can cope, where medication is kept etc etc. Apparently if it should happen and I were hospitalised, Social Services would arrange some sort of care, although what I do not know. We have no family living anywhere near, and friends and neighbours are very scarce.
Hi Ann.

Sounds as if your LA is in the process of conducting both Needs ( Caree ) and Carer assessments ?

One link which will explain more :

https://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advic ... assessment

On the benefits front , everything being claimed ... on the housing front ... housing benefit and Council Tax discount ?

An online benefits calculator which will provide you with a good indication :


Feel free to bounce anything off us here on this forum.