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when carer wants to work as no-pay volunteer ...

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Ted, may I just explain that your son will need to have resided in Britain for 3months before applying for DBS. Prove of address etc. In that time, maybe he could check out agencies, and help out behind the scenes.Get a feel of the expectations?.
On the National Insurance front , the following link will be of assistance :

https://www.movebubble.com/2015/05/get- ... in-the-uk/

Section headed :
Process for European Citizens.

What follows is most relevant !
Thanks Henrietta,

Yes, it would be easier, yet my experience telling me that 'easier' many times is prolonging the pain. I exchanged few emails with another guy who worked 5-6 years as carer in USA, when he moved to UK, some agencies were telling him, "we want you to have experience in UK." Finally he was hired directly by family.
Thanks to ALL, I truly appreciate your inputs, suggestions,
If I were taking in a volunteer carer ( I assume the idea is that in exchange for living accommodation/f/food, the individual provides care for the house/flat occupant?) I would prefer them to have worked for a care agency first (as well as them having a DBS etc) as indication not only that they had some experience in caring, but also that they were 'kosher' so to speak!

It would be a huge risk to let 'someone in off the streets' (!!!!) to look after a vulnerable caree!!

Where I think it WOULD work is where, say, a middle aged son or daughter lives in the same house as their elederly parent in need of care, and then takes in a volunteer (unpaid) carer as a 'lodger' who 'pays' for their accommodation in exchange for helping with caring for the elderly parent, so the carer son/daughter can have their own life back!

That way, the risks that the son/'daughter has let in an axe murderer to look after their frail parent, is a lot less!!!

It could also work when, say, a semi-able adult son/daughter needs someone 'living in' to help keep them independent of their parents??
Yes, I agree, in this world being cautious is wise approach. We will soon start to inquire background check certificate (Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) document. Ted
Thank you, I am persistent, I am believer until the total victory !! At the same time other people inputs are appreciated, always !
If any of YOU, while surfing the web get into a forum where family carers (who're helping father) share concerns, suffering, worn out condition, please let me know. I am sure that would be the good place to volunteer.
Ted_1804 wrote:
Thu Apr 19, 2018 6:55 pm
Although some may require DBS, some not, you're convincing me to get one. It will take extra steps, because this is my son-in-law who lives in Poland. He wants to work as carer in UK, and since he has no experience and knows basic English, my advice to him is - work first as volunteer, gain experience and credentials, then will be easier to receive job as paid carer.

I may need to open another topic, because it's different subject. I will share it with you here too. Getting National Insurance Number. My son-in-law is planning to come from Poland to apply for one. Is suppose to be an easy task. Come to UK, make phone call, register, wait for confirming letter that states which office of Job Centre will be for face-to-face interview.

While calling the NINo number one of questions is - where you live in UK? In other words, where you stay after coming from Poland? Inexpensive Hotel is good option, but if the letter from Job Centre come to hotel (in London), it may get lost, when he goes back to Poland.
Hi Ted I hope everything goes as you're planning for your son-in-law but do follow the good advice that has been given here about obtaining a DBS. There is no care company, care agency or volunteer service who will allow him to work or volunteer without one and to work or volunteer with children, vulnerable adults and the elderly he will need to have an Enhanced DBS Check. Even if he volunteers privately, many people will ask to see a DBS and references.

Your son-in-law is going to need to provide police checks from his country of residence and they will want 5 years worth of address history be that in or outside of the UK. There is a PDF guide for applying for a DBS from outside the UK, please see page 68 of this guide under the country "Poland".
https://assets.publishing.service.gov.u ... CE_G-P.pdf

I would suggest that seeing as first things first, he will need a National Insurance number and that can take 2-6 weeks to get through then in that time you could find some English language classes for him to attend local to where he will be living. You have to consider that he will be working/ volunteering with people who may be prone to a medical emergency at any time and he needs to be able to confidently communicate with emergency services about the condition of the person should he need to phone 999 for help. And also, if they give him instructions of what to do that could save a person's life then he needs to be able to understand and act on that information.

The best way to get him settled in the UK is to stay with family or friends. If he has no family or friends he can live with, keep in mind that paying for a hotel, B&B or a hostel especially in London is very expensive. Since he will not be able to work in any job until he has his NI number it will make for pretty difficult living with the costs that London demands. Perhaps think about other locations in the UK which would be cheaper for him to live in such as areas around London like Reading, Slough, Woking, Guidford. Or areas such as Leeds or Manchester. He could go more north as well to Durham, Newcastle or Middlesborough. All these areas have very good train and bus links to airports so when he needs a flight back to Poland to holiday and visit family he will have access to travel. I mean, when you think about it cost wise it adds up like this: -
Renting a studio flat in London = £900 per month (not including council tax and bills)
Renting a 1 bed flat in surrounding areas I mentioned = £750 per month (not including council tax and bills)
Renting a 2 bed in Leeds or Manchester = £550-£650 per month (not including council tax and bills)
Renting a 3 bedroom terraced house or 3 bed semi-detached house in Durham or Newcastle = £350-£500 per month (not including council tax and bills)

It might not exactly be "easier" for him to get a job as a paid carer by being a volunteer like this, I can see your thinking on giving him that advice but I don't think it is relevant because there is pretty much always work for carers available. Companies all over the country are always looking for care assistants. Also, all care companies must give staff training so he will get training and could even be funded to get a qualification in care. The biggest difficulty that he is going to have is finding a good company to work for who isn't going to ill treat him, take advantage of him and actually support him to work and train and progress.
Can any of you, please give a direction (of bus, train, other) what is the best economy way to travel between London Heathrow Airport and city of Loughton, postcode IG101TJ
Thanks, Ted