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when carer wants to work as no-pay volunteer ... - Carers UK Forum

when carer wants to work as no-pay volunteer ...

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If someone wants to work as carer volunteer - "volunteer," I understand working and NOT receiving money. What would be the good way to find people, family that taking care of loved ones and need volunteer help? It could be as live-in carer. Thanks, Ted
Hi Ted
I haven't ever heard of livein volunteer carers and my first advice (please don't take offence) would be to get DBS check done because no one should invite anyone in without first being DBS checked.
That done, I have heard of FOCUS - I think it is a church group, probably Cof E who befriend people and also Age UK I think have befrienders.
It might be worth making enquiries with local residential care homes or with the local hospitals or hospices to see if there is a voluntary role.
I think you need to think extra carefully about protecting yourself against any safeguarding concerns from relatives, social services etc who may query your motive and intentions. Sadly Volunteers are a rare breed but don't let that put you off , but far better to do it through official channels.
Look no further Ted, Plenty for you to do at this end if you're still available.

DBS mandatory.

Never come across a volunteer carer

Thanks for info. The DBS certificate (although there is no criminal background) could be time consuming to have one.
I understand the trust factor could be an issue to some people. At the same time people, families hire privately paid carers. Obviously some require references from previous employers, therefore is easier to get a job with enough previous experience.

On the other hand, while reading forums, we can find hundreds of people who're so exhausted working regular jobs and taking care of mother, father ... I have no doubt, most of them would appreciate if someone could come and offer help FOR FREE.
Therefore my focus is to get in contact with those people, find the right forum where I can connect with such people.
Anybody who works through an agency will have been DBS checked , CQC would not permit them to work with vulnerable adults without this.
If you don't work through proper channels you open yourself up to safeguarding concerns so it is in your own best interests .
To be honest Ted there was no way that I would have had anyone in my house caring for my Mum if they didn't have a DBS check. Sorry but far too risky where there are vulnerable elderly people involved.
You can apply for DBS online. It shouldn't take more than 6 weeks for the checks to be made ( max) especially as you have nothing on record. It really is in your best interests to have the certificate, as well as the vulnerable people you wish to work with.
My neighbour is a volunteer reader at the local school. DBS back in 2 weeks!
In my last few working years I dealt with DBS ( CRB) applications and results. Please consider applying. Have a look a DBS direct for some guidance.
Volunteers are needed!!
Thank YOU all,

Although some may require DBS, some not, you're convincing me to get one. It will take extra steps, because this is my son-in-law who lives in Poland. He wants to work as carer in UK, and since he has no experience and knows basic English, my advice to him is - work first as volunteer, gain experience and credentials, then will be easier to receive job as paid carer.

I may need to open another topic, because it's different subject. I will share it with you here too. Getting National Insurance Number. My son-in-law is planning to come from Poland to apply for one. Is suppose to be an easy task. Come to UK, make phone call, register, wait for confirming letter that states which office of Job Centre will be for face-to-face interview.

While calling the NINo number one of questions is - where you live in UK? In other words, where you stay after coming from Poland? Inexpensive Hotel is good option, but if the letter from Job Centre come to hotel (in London), it may get lost, when he goes back to Poland.
Hi Ted
I think you will find that those agencies who don't specify in the job advert that DBS is required will automatically apply for it on their employees behalf once engaged as no one is allowed out in the foeld without one. No reputable agency could employ people without it.
Male carers are so much in damand so I am sure with enthusiasm and willingness to improve his language skills he will be snapped up and trained by an agency. Is he able to get any voluntary experience in Poland before he comes over?
Ted , purely as a pointer , try a Google or any other search ... POLISH RESIDENT GETTING A JOB AS A CARE WORKER IN THE UK.

Numerous links are thrown up , mostly commercial ones but ... with guidance available for anyone contemplating working in the UK as a care worker.

I would suspect that most readers , family carers , would not have the knowledge of procedures on " The Other Side. "