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When anxiety turns to anger - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

When anxiety turns to anger

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Have you tried distracting her when she gets angry eg putting the radio/tv on or giving her a hug?
Hello, Tracey. You are a kind and caring parent, and cannot bear to see your daughter upset. She throws tantrums and self harms and you feel guity.

Normally I would suggest that emotional blackmail should be rebuffed with the contempt that it deserves. However it seems to me that your daughter's problems are something else - something more deep-seated.

I hope that the assessment from the mental health team is not too long in coming. It could provide valuable pointers.

Meanwhile, however you deal with your daughter's outbursts, please try not to feel guilty. Your daughter's actions are not your fault. You are the victim here. Do keep in touch with us about events as they take place.
Tracey, if it's financially possible, think about going to talk to a private counsellor, ask your GP to recommend someone.
Doubtless the waiting list is endless on the NHS, but you need support now.

Alternatively, ask Social Services to do a Carers Assessment for you, and ask them to fund it.
They fund mine, although I haven't seen her for a long time, for various reasons.

As a widow, I really missed having my husband to talk things through with, we used to talk over everything.
Counselling helped me offload various issues, and clear my mind on others.
A good counsellor won't tell you what to do, but help you find the best solution for yourself.

She might also be able to shed some light on your daughter's behaviour that would be helpful.
It's sad to hear about father May his soul rest in peace. My advice to you is go for a walk daily give attention to her listen to her. It will take some time to get Normal. I know it's very hard as I lost my father too back in 2014, when I listen the news of my father death. I sit down there and grab my head and felt like this world is ended for me but after 2 years I got normal but these two year I can't express my feelings I cried in nights.
It is a normal reaction for someone struggling with both anxiety and depression.Also, I think she has a sort of PTSD from her father's death that only complicated her situation. I'm not saying she's acting right or that you are not allowed to feel bad too, but it's expected from her condition. When I lost my father, my panic attacks turned to panic attacks. I've also developed a depressive disorder. Only therapy and anxiety techniques prevented me from getting worse. She needs time and a professional to help her heal. There's nothing you can do but be supportive.

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