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What help is there? - Carers UK Forum

What help is there?

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I have two children-young adults now-who both have additional needs. Both are learning disabled. They are 19 and 16. One boy one girl. Both adopted, not related by birth. One statemented throughout school and awarded DLA from age 9 ( I think, cant really remember ), middle care and high mobility. Now also on ESA. The other statemented from age 13 - when in yr 9, also on DLA from that time.

There is so much with each of them it is too much to go into. I get no support. The children get no support. I have no life.
Hiya Nina and welcome. Image

Sorry I care for my mum, so unfortunately cannot offer any advice other than you will find lots of support on the forum.

Im sure there will be others along soon to welcome you, and who can help you further. India.xx
welcome nina to the forum. sounds like you have done a wonderful job for your children, but obviously caring is very very hard. lots of lovely people to talk to on here, each and every one understands what you are going through and how difficult it is.
just jump in and talk, rant, moan, good news, successes we want to hear it all.
pam x
Hi Nina, welcome, I know how you feel, my son is 21 and everyone always says there is support there if you need it, well I say bol***ks to that, my son needs it I need it, I have asked for it and my son has been offered the most stupid help and courses to attend, completely unsuitable and they offer him anything just to say he has been offered something. He has learning difficulties with aspergers and also many medical problems including epilespy, he cannot communicate properly with people and will not speak to strangers at all, he was looking for a course to do and the only course that they offered him was musical theatre!!!!!!! seriously need I say more. He get 6 days respite a year which I suppose is better than nothing. Sorry to sound negative, I suppose all will depend in which area of the country you live as to what support is available, all I can say is never move up north Image

Thanks for the replies. I should probably keep the details to one of the more private boards. Just for now though I am pleased I have both of them out of the house and in thier places of education. Off to get lunch for one and tea for the other! Eldest finishes at 2 and has lunch then, youngest finishes at 3.15, then has drama group for 1.5hrs and rehearsal for play for up to 3 hrs with 30 minute break for tea in between!!
hi Nina...you certainly do seem to have your hands full. Have you ever had a carers assessment? I'm pleased that you have found the forum. There is a members only section and this also includes roll call which is a good place to have a natter!

bell x
Hi and welcome Image
Hi Nina, Be sure to check that you are not missing out on any benefits. My son is now 33, but was entitled to IS from his 16th birthday because he was entitled to highest DLA, even though he was in education. I'm not sure what the current situation is, benefits have been changing so much just lately, but just wanted to flag up this possibility. I managed to get funding for my son to attend college until he was 22, he went to a little farm college in Wiltshire, as a boarder, which helped his independence hugely. It was a battle, but well worth it.