Weekend Dread

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Does anybody else dread the weekend? Its lonely enough during the week, but the weekend is much worse. There is nobody to talk to. How does anybody else cope with the loneliness and isolation of being a carer?
Hi Lucy
Some of us find this forum very useful for human contact. There's all sorts of good useful stuff and some plain ridiculous too!!
Not too many of us around late at night tho.
Our general chit chat is called role call and restarts each month so that's building slowly.And we've just had a system upgrade which some are struggling with.
Here's the link to role call https://www.carersuk.org/forum/social-a ... call-30779
I care for my 22year old son with depression and anxiety (lovely handsome bright lad so it's very sad) and my Mum who is 94 and in a care home over 100 miles away
What's your caring situation? Why are the weekend's worse?