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Warning signs

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi Paul.
Cant really add to what everyone else has said, only illness , and confusion, is very hard
to watch a loved one go through. as they get older. Just wanted to welcome you to the
Take care
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Thanks for all your posts Sorry not have responded but last Wednesday we got a call from care line to say Mum had had a small fall at home.Fortunately my wife and I were close enough to get to her but as we were unable to get her up we called the paramedics.Whilst they got her up she was shaken but more concerning was her blood sugar had gone through the roof. She was admitted to hospital and that is currently where she is.The plan is to get her some respite care when she is discharged but having seen her today I have concerns about how they are going to get her fit for discharge.

The positives are that care line was a life saver and the acute assessment unit of the hospital excellent. The negatives are how her blood sugar level got to where it is and now she is in an elderly ward whether she can get enough care alongside the meds to improve her enough for discharge.

Will post an update

presuming your Mum has Diabetes?She may have an infection which has caused her blood sugar to go high,or she may have eaten a couple of biscuits or not taken her medication.It is very easy for the blood sugar to jump high unexpectedly.Diabetes is a horrible disease to try to manage.
If she is not diagnosed, then you need to talk to her Dr to find out if she does have diabetes.
Sorry to hear abotu her fall, good job that you were able to get to her quickly.