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Waking up to another day caring for 2 parents - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Waking up to another day caring for 2 parents

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
You are so good Chris 😁
You always have a sense of fun in our. Carer land circumstances.
Thanks for cheering me up 😁
( Perhaps I should start charging ? )

Someone on 'ere needs to input a little 'umour ... the blacker and more cutting the better ?

Otherwise , this canteen ... sorry , forum ... reads like something you'll be reading in the reception area of yer local
undertaker / dentist / bank recovery unit / DWP fraud unit ... to cheer you up and takeaway the feeling of foreboding ?

in respect of the dentist , rather loud sounds of drilling from the roadworks outside ?

Moan / groan / growl / disbelief / misery / shock / horror ... like being back at one of my beloved O's 'ome matches again ?

I knew that there was some additional misery I was missing.

A thumb up for The Daily Growl , then ?

I will be auditioning prospective growlers shortly.

No problem with gender .. all three are equally welcome to try out their growling.
Denise you took words out of my mouth. Been busy with dad til now
So could not get on to reply to Chris.

Chris you have done 3 things
1/ made me laugh 2 days on trot ; not been up for that of late, laughing.

2/ made others laugh

3/ made me realise how mean I have been. Poor dad always laughs cracking same old jokes ‘
Even on A&E trolley while i am wilting with head in hand. the one about the Doctor doing an examination and something on the lines of losing his watch if you know what I mean’ i have to remind him pack it up you are supposed to be ill. Hes Irish and they call him the naughty Elf at the hospice gives the nurses terrible time especially if they are wearing skirts above the knee. You would never get away with it anywhere else these days. Once a week They laugh from time they get there until home time. All terminally ill. Wonderful medication laughter!
In future I promise to try to laugh more with him even when I have a hand down his loo and he is pressuring me to leave to see mum.
When I remind him there are housekeeping jobs to do first when I arrive to collect him as carers have several hats to wear. Then we can go. Load the wheelchair and so on and so on. But I promise thanjs to you Chris to try replace some growls with Smiles.
I will start tommorow I wonder if he will notice!!

Thank you Chris
Your more than welcome.

During my 10 year stretch as a loan . 24 / 7 , carer , only one person ever helped me face reality.

That ugly twin brother of mine that kept leering back at me from the mirror !

And , for once , that is not a joke.

In CarerLand , only the carer him / her / ?? self can answer The question ... do you want to sink or swim ?

There's nobody else out there who can do that for a carer ... even if 100 say the same thing.

The true carer would probably acknowledge what everyone else recommends ,,, and then do what he / she / ??
decides is right for him / her / ?? self.

If it's the exact opposite of what that 100 recommends , and works ... that is a true measure of a carer ready to swim again.

Problem then is ... swimming in treacle , not water ... this is CarerLand !

( Bloody 2019 political corrrectness ! ... now three recognised genders ??? ... a he / a she / a " It " ??? ... even then , one name for Mondays to Fridays , another for weekend ... Chris / Christine ... same name as given to the Judge come Monday morning ??? )
Brilliantly put.

You are very wise and spot on with your observations; and knowledge as a carer etc.

It all works out in the end for me I find sleep on it and it always comes right in morning. I tend to know exactly what I need to do.

I love the terrm ‘swimming in treacle’ not heard that before
Sums it up so completely.

May I ask are you still a carer Chris?
No ... now 11 years since my release ( Death of my adopted mother ) ... 5 years since I needed to report in to my parole officer.

2009 ... CarerWatch wound down following the complete about turn by the , then , Government during the last Carers Strategy.

Spent 7 years sitting on my hill ( A term I use to describe the way I think and relate to the outside world ) watching all the
carnage unfold in CarerLand ... knowing that there was nothing any of us could do ( CarerWatch ) to oppose the juggernaut
creating destruction and carnage throughout CarerLand ... with CareeLand suffering a similar fate.

2016 ... gentle hints from a fellow member of CarerWatch , and also a " Green " on this forum , packed me suitcase , caught a
passing bus , took a deep breathe , and rejoined CUK.

The rest is history ... much prefer the advisory type role in CarerWatch but ... a switch to the front line , complete with tin
hat and Lee Enfield , has been very " Interesting " to say the very least.

Took on the exact opposite role of my chosen avatar and become the self appointed " Newsman " for the site. Try the NEWS
section archives ... carers were NOT being informed of the events , across many sectors , that related directly to them.

Caring does not stop outside one's abode. Many things are happening which affect their daily lives as carers ... I saw the void
and did something about it ... I hope I suceeded even if the NEWS sections reads as if there are several front page disasters
on a daily basis.

In reality , it really is bad out there ... 14 / 15 million ... close to 1 in 4 ... below / at / close to the Official Poverty Line.

Those ... I call " The Street " had no voice here on this forum ... i have rectified that in an no uncertain manner !!!

NO apologies for that voice being too loud at times ... EAT / HEAT / ROOF ... 3.7 odd MILLION of the carer army have problems
juggling all 3 ... some just 2 leaving themselves without the third essential at times.

Foodbanks ... not one mention on the forum before I started the main FOODBANK thread ... what do the number of reads tell you ?

In essence , a second civil war ... a social wage raged by the Government against the most vulnerable citizens in it's domain.

That's basically the background ... all I can really do is to continuing what I'm doing ... hopefully , opening minds to alternatives
available which , if followed through , would improve many lives within the confines of their caring role.

Nothing special / unique about me ... just a former carer with knowlege of certain subjects / fields which are proving to be of assistance to carers in 2019.

No personal agenda except for trying to ease The Plight ... always ready to question the vaidity of actions / views of those
who interact with us ... as CUK know only too well ... my loyalty is to carers , and carers alone !

I trust some find my effects rewarding ... and an aid to understanding the BIG picture out there ?

( " Verbal diarrhea , Chris ? Yeh , a constant sufferer ! 7 years away ... a lot to catch up on ! )
Well you have certainly. Sharpened up my awareness.
Strangely enough my Mum used those words to me when my husband became ill. She is 86 . She told me I could sink or swim. So naturally I chose to swim with the odd life belt thrown when I think I can't swim anymore.