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under the Care Act - Carers UK Forum

under the Care Act

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
What a minefield it all is!

Yet another bad night as all sorts of stuff going on in my head. My poor ould fella is still away with his son,but 6 nights is not enough for me to plan ahead for both of us.

So I have started to make phone calls - it used to be simple Social Services.

But now there are umpteen people to tell your story to and try to get help. All I am saying is there must be other Carers like me, who do not realise they have rights and can try to make their voices heard and their needs known.

And that is what I am trying to do this week........ :-???
No advice just sending you a hug. I would keep copies of everything you put in writing and I personally would send by special delivery or recorded delivery as I guess you are pointing out that he is a vulnerable adult and 'they' have a duty of care to him.

I would also write to his GP.

Do let us know how you go on Mary. You are in a horrible position and you have to negotiate your way out. I know when I was backing away from my late father who wanted me to do more and more for him GP app and shopping and cleaning to name 3 which I could not do as I am my husbands carer, I wrote to his GP stressing that he was on his own now as I could not offer the help he now needed. He was quite quickly awarded a six week care package but would not co-operate and ended up being taken into hospital against his will where he died.

Not easy to negotiate your way through but stay calm and keep stressing that they have a duty of care. BB and Jenny are great at giving advice on getting through this.
I have been totally shocked how difficult the system is to negotiate. Both my sister and I are confident and reasonably articulate, intelligent people and have struggled to find where to get help, who to speak to and have increasingly found that if you sit and wait for things to happen as they should, nothing happens. You have to shout. There is also a total lack of transparency and clarity throughout the system. We have consistently been asking "what happens next?", only to be fobbed off, given a load of jargon or ignored. I feel total despair that there must be many, many people out there unable to access the help they need because they have never asked, don't understand where to ask or won't push for it.

Sorry, that is my little rant, I just completely feel your frustration. When we were at the beginning of this process it seemed really daunting, but we are getting things in place now for Mum and Dad and I can see light at the end of the tunnel. You will get there too. Write a big "to do" list and plug away at it. Keep notes of all conversations and if possible confirm things in writing. Don't be afraid to chase things up. If in doubt keep looking online for help, there is a wealth of information out there if you need it. You can do this and it will be worth it in the end.
Yes, at the moment it's totally disjointed, further complicated by reorganisations and rapid staff turnover. I've been dealing with "the system" for almost 40 years, and even with so much experience I don't always get what I want immediately! The forum is a great way of finding out what others did if you hit a particular problem and can't get it resolved. I'm still learning!
Treat it like a job. Get a diary or notebook, when you ring someone up, make a note of the number, date, and time. As soon as someone picks up the phone, ask their name. Each time they say they are going to "put you through" ask the name of who they are putting you through to.
Ask for the person you speak to arrange for your caree to be assigned a named social worker/care manager asap. There is this crazy notion at the moment that it's better not to have people assigned so their call can be answered by someone in a "pool". It just doesn't work, in Hampshire anyhow.
Get the email address of the assigned SW, otherwise the "Team Leader". Then email them straight away with the details of the conversation you've just had, as soon as possible. If possible, say that you need a reply by a definite date.
If nothing happens by then, you can look at the LA website and find the email for "Adult Services Complaints" and then forward your first email to them. All complaints are supposed to be acknowledged within a week, and resolved within 6 weeks.
Are some. Decisions taken by non qualified staff in SS departments?

I think some admin and reception duties are carried out by office workers who just guess at an answer.

I would be inclined to put everything in writing and not use the phone in talking to them
Seems to me you're all missing the point.

The reason the system is so difficult to negotiate and progress through is PRECISELY to keep it difficult for claimants.

The harder it is to claim, the less is claimed.

So the more money is saved.


(Cynical? Moi?!)
That said -

Make notes during each telephone conversation of who you are talking to (by name), the time and date of the call. Get an email address for correspondence. Then after every phone call write something along the following:

'Dear xxx

For our mutual record keeping, further to our telephone conversation today 11.30 am, we discussed the following......and that the following was agreed.......'

That way they can't deny whatever it is they said, as they could have replied to correct you by email.

It keeps an audit trail of your progress....

I would also cc. most things to someone else as well, eg, in a different department, your GP, their manager, whatever.
Personally, i would not usually use the phone to contact Social Services.
Some years ago I received a message recorded on my answering device from a social worker, but it was for another person entirely. The point is that they can be so muddled and under so much pressure that they make silly mistakes.
I've also been a Carer for a long time (over 30 years) and I believe the constant changes to the 'system' simply waste money and have made it harder for anyone to access any help. I am constantly amazed at the excuses we have received as to why it takes sooooooo long to get anything started let alone done!! Now I send everything 'Signed for', address it to the Head of the relevant Dept after 14 days of inaction following a telephone conversation. I keep records of dates, times, person initially contacted and any subsequent minion to whom I may have been passed and often fobbed off by (regretably). I never lose my rag anymore but can be very pushy and have specific notes about exactly what the issue is,mainly so I am not sidetracked..... which seems a common ploy. Trouble is once one hurdle has been negotiated one forgets the amount of stress and pain it caused at the time, maybe a natural human response to enable us to cope.

We have had to fight for everything from a wheelchair to PIP...I refrain from expressing my thoughts of Capita... and I have occasionally called up what I term as the 'big guns' which were used with great success at them but it is an upward battle and getting more difficult about the only thing you can do is keep chipping away at 'them', don't let the bu****s get you down,ever, because it would seem to me that they would have won and I will never accept that.

There are so many people on here so much worse of than us and I personally have always found support on here that friends and family never seem to come up with. Nothing better than finding a kindred spirit who knows exactly how you feel.
In my county, they have introduced something called Single Point of Contact or Access

Have you heard of these in your area?

Probably connected directly to a big trash bin. :-??? To introduce a note of gallows humour