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there never seems to be any1 here - Carers UK Forum

there never seems to be any1 here

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I only registered on here yesterday,im not sure if im posting in the right place i tried to post under general discussion but nothing happened anyway whenever ive looked to see whos on or how many theres like 2 people at best and im 1 of em,is there a peak time on here?
There is no peak time as such,at least not that I know of.We all have different circumstances and different demands on our time, so you will find like most forums it can be a feast or a famine.There is usually someone around though.
A forum isn't like a chat room where you get to have 'real time' conversations. It's more a place to post your thoughts, opinions and feelings and then see what happens. You might get a response that evening or it might be a week later when someone replies to your post.

So it doesn;t really make much difference if there are 2 people online or 8 people. You should get a reply eventually!
did'nt mean to come across like i was moaning about the site,but is there anywhere u can chat openly in real time with other people about subjects to do with care/caring as depessing a thought as that may seem, i think it could be helpful.
We didn't think you were moaning, and even if you were it's OK!!

We don't have a live chat room I'm afraid. To be honest I don't know of one elsewhere on the web either. Perhaps some of the others here can think of one?

It is soemthing that carers have suggested before as a good service and Carers UK is considering ways we might be able to help provide something like that, but there is nothing in the pipeline I'm afraid.

If it's any consolation I feel exactly the same. Iv'e only had one person resond to me and I keep logging in and out to check. When something has been just diagnosed or you've just plucked up the courage to face talking about it you really would like some sort of responce. I understand it's not a chat room but 1 reply in 2 days is not much, and it seems as though it was the same person who reponded to both of us. I'm not moaning either I just imagined it would be a little more active than this. Image
Hi. Not sure if I should advertise another carers forum but chill4us has a chatroom.


I'm sure if I'm not allowed someone will let me know but hope this helps. Image
The Chill site is actually advertised elsewhere on the CUK website, so it would be a bit of a joke to make it against the rules to put it on the forum - so no problem!
They also have a chat in http://www.carers.org/
all best
Well, what a great advert for CUK!!

To admit that it could take a week to get a reply to a post and to point a newby towards other sites.