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Thanks for letting me join - Carers UK Forum

Thanks for letting me join

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi, I am generally known as Rae I am 55 and have cared for my husband for the last 5years or so he suffers from a variety of physical and mental health issues. Today has been a difficult day as our only child is married to an army guy they have 2 little children and today we said goodbye to them as he has been posted abroad and they have gone with him so it will be 2years or so before we see them again Image so skype here we come
I wish all members nothing but the best - it is deserved
Hi rae.

Welcome to the site.

Im a carer to my 9 yr old who has Autism.

Hope to see you around the forums soon.

Tracey x
Hello Rae, welcome to the forum. I look after my hubby who has (COPD)!!!!
Hi Rae and welcome, no wonder today is a hard day.

You will find friendship on here and I hope you manage to skype your daughter and grandchildren lots.

Bless you Rae that must be tough!

I miss my kids when they go away to visit friends for a few days so can't imagine how I'll cope if and when they move away from home.

So glad technology is what it is and its much easier to keep in touch with family around the world.

Nice to meet you.

nice to meet you Rae, what a shame about your family going abroad but I am sure the time will fly and thank goodness for Skype x
Hi Rae and welcome Image
My son and his family live abroad too. In fact the first time I met my grandson in person he was 18 months old! But thanks to skype I had watched him from day one and he knew who I was immediately Image
Hello Rae and welcome from me too.

Such a difficult time, but two years will speed past with Skype.

Take care
hello and welcome