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Mobility car

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Hi everyone. I was hoping for some advise please. I care for my partner. We picked up our new motability car in February this year 2017. Up till now it's been in the garage 4 times in 5 months.
This time they've had it for a week now and still can't find what the problem is.
I was just wondering would we be entitled to ask for a new car altogether or terminate this lease. It's getting beyond a joke now. Any advise would be greatly appreciated x
I am sorry to hear of your problem, Susan. I am not sure of the terms of the lease, and how far you have paid "in advance", but you are not getting the service you are paying for. At minimum you should get remission on your lease for the periods in which you have not had the use of the car. Yes, it sounds as though you are approaching the point where you can insist on a new car or terminate the lease.

I can emphasise a little with the garage. As an engineer myself, I know that machinery can occasionally exhibit niggling problems that are elusive to trace. But there are terms of guarantee. If you reject the car it is up to the supplier to claim back from the manufacturer under guarantee.

Could you give us a little more detail about what the problem with the car actually is? Is it a basic problem related to the car itself, or is it related to some accessory to adapt it to a disability?

In your position I should be inclined to inform the supplier of the car that unless they can sort this out very soon I would insist on a new car, or terminate the lease and look elsewhere for a mobility vehicle. But give them just a little longer to rectify the problem. The alternatives could involve more delays and more hassle. What you want is a car that works.
Quite agree with previous advice and perhaps this may help?
http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/article ... as-amended
Request the lease company Reject the car from the manufacturer or the dealer.
They should be brand new cars and perfect in every detail
Ask for compensation payment for the weeks. That the vehicle has been off the road
Surely, Motability will themselves want to reject a defective vehicle
Hi. Thankyou for your kind replies.
The day I collected my new vehicle there were a few chips scratches all over the vehicle. Been in twice for this and they are still there. Mobility have logged this.
The recent problem is a rattle noise coming from the drivers side.
I know it sounds trivial but it really gets on my nerves. You can hear it over the radio. They've replaced a part of the trim thinking it was that but it wasn't. They said the other day they've found the problem it's the steering column. Had phone call last night. They've renewed a part there but the noise is still there.
They said with it being the weekend it'll now be Monday before it's looked at again.
They've had my car 8 days on Monday and I'm no further forward.
Don't get me wrong mobility have provided me with a courtesy car but I'm paying £230 a month for a car to sit in garage. Plus I paid £420 deposit on vehicle. It's starting to make me bad x
A quick update. Just had a telephone conversation with mobility who have escalated it to a mechanical complaint. I'll have a case manager looking after situation for me.
They will liaise between me and the dealership and arrange for my lease to be cancelled if necessary. Hopefully will get sorted soon.
Thanks for your latest update, Susan. Following your further information I have looked further at this.

Firstly, can we be clear on who is leasing the car. Is it the organisation called Motability or someone else trading under some name similar to "Mobility"?

If the former is the case, the following link would be useful:
http://www.motability.co.uk/contact-and ... omplaints/

Either way, it seems as though you are going in the right direction. It is fine to contact the garage first - after all it has the car and has first-hand information about its condition and progress. But if things are dragging - as they clearly are - the responsibility is ultimately with the firm that leased you the car. It sounds as though you are now at that stage.

It may well be that the best way to resolve this would for the mobility company to change the car. Then it could have the previous one repaired in its own time without keeping you in suspense.

Contrary to my earlier comment, now that I know that you have been given a courtesy car pending repair of the other one, I doubt if you will be entitled to any remission on the lease, because you have had the use of a car since the start of the lease.
Thankyou for your reply. I've had a bit of a nightmare again. As I said on Monday I now have a case manager. You wouldn't believe my luck but he's about as much use as the garage.
I've contacted mobility over 5 times since speaking to this case manager to ask to speak to him and each time I'm told " I'm sorry but the call is just going to his voicemail". The latest call today the gentleman from mobility sent him an urgent request to contact me. Still nothing. I've contacted the garage myself today and apparently they have allegedly repaired my car however they would like to keep it till tomorrow so they can do a full valet on it. No mention of repair to damaged paintwork again.
I'm honestly at the end of my rope. While I'm grateful that they have finally repaired it after 11 days ( that still remains to be seen) I'm just getting no where regarding paintwork.
The gentleman from mobility I spoke to today said that as the car was not mechanically faulty if I wanted to terminate my lease I would have to pay a minimum of £50.00. Yet the case manager said the other day I wouldn't have to pay anything and my advanced payment would be refunded. I'm just going round in circles. I'm furious that this case manager hasn't returned any of my calls. See what happens tomorrow.
Hello again Susan. A week has gone by and I am wondering how you are getting on.

It is common for a garage to do a valet service after either mechanical or bodywork repairs, so as to return the car to the customer in the best possible condition. This would suggest that the garage is trying to provide a good service.

I don't know the terms of your lease, but it is not unusual for such terms to include a "penalty" for early termination. This is to cover costs of setting up and termination, which would not otherwise be recovered if you were to chose to terminate the lease after only a short period.

If the car is now fixed - fine. If not, then a replacement should not incur an extra charge and I would still think this is the best course to pursue. It all comes down to "suitability for use".

This thread started as a caring-related issue and we should love you to keep in touch with your progress. However it is turning into a consumer rights matter, and if you still think you are not getting anywhere, perhaps it is time to contact your local Citizens' Advice Bureau.