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Time of day

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Do other carers look forward to getting their other half to bed ,for time you can call your own. I look forward to perhaps an evening so I can read without looking over my shoulder or enjoy the T.v IFeel I can unwind a little. Not the retirement I,planned , any body around for a mail chat in the evening Ron, Cambsjn
Hi Ron
It is essential that you get a break, 'me time' as we call it, from caring on a regular basis.( Do you get a break in the day at all?) It may be a couple of hours a week or a week of respite for a real holiday. Hard to manage I know.
Is your other half of retirement age and do they get Attendance allowance? Have you had all the assessments from social services? You don't have to struggle alone, day after day. There is help out there.
Yes, I have much appreciated evenings when I know Mum was in bed and I probably wasn't needed until the morning. (Didn't always work out that way of course).
There are people on this forum most of the day and evening. It's anonymous and safe to rant and rave or ask any questions or questions. We help best if we know a little more. What does your partner/spouse suffer from? What are you having to cope with?
Hello Ron
Time for yourself is essential. Even before my hubby was ever showing signs of dementia, I and he needed space!!
Hi Ron, yes, definitely. My 37 year old son has severe learning difficulties, he comes home alternate weekends, holidays etc. Fortunately, he has an early shower and is usually in his own room. Then I can shower and watch my own TV in peace. For a few years I was disabled, and we converted the garage to a downstairs bedroom. Access is via my conservatory, and it's very well insulated, so I could vacuum at 3am and no one would know!!! Thank heaven for modern insulation.