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Hi - Carers UK Forum


Tell us a bit about yourself here.


I am Caroline. I am the sole carer for my mother. Although she is still independent at 86, her mobility is lessening. I am in need of basic advice on how to help her as she gets less independent. I am glad this forum is here to consult people and get support. I think I will also go to a local meeting.


Hi, I am also sole carer for parent of similar age with many problems, mobility being one of them. Clearly I don't know how much input you have had. However occupational therapist at hospital could do assessment and provide aids that would helpeg rails, perching stools, commodes, trolleys to transfer food from chair to kitchen etc. after stroke these people come from hospital- you may need district nurse or GP to get service. If many falls - falls team - essentially physio see what exercises needed to help strengthen legs etc. I find parent not so willing with exercises mainly because pain with arthritis aswell as dementia-moods. Your mum may not have these. If your mum spends much time in one position in chair and/or bed they can provide pressure cushion and if needed bed to prevent bed sores which apparently very hard to shift once acquired. Nurse would see from skin condition on bottom whether this is required. Hope some help. Wish you well.


Couldn't add to last reply once submitted. Toilet frame also useful and of course Zimmer frame (if she remembers to use it-my parent forgets when feels confident and then loss of balance causes tumble) . If eyesight an issue, sensory impairment team at your local council could give additional advice.


Hi dotty, that's very kind of you - very useful help and advice. Thanks :-)


Morning Caroline and Dotty, and welcome to the Forum :)

Lots of friendly people to "chat" with here which helps a bit with the isolation.

I too have an 86 year old mum with dementia and mobility problems.

Firstly, Caroline, has your mum had a care assessment? If not, contact Social Services and request one. They can refer to Occupational Therapy who can provide all sorts of mobility aids - mum has frames around toilet, rails up both sides of the stairs, bath lift etc. Sometimes these are free, sometimes there is a charge but you have to ask to get.

Also if you are looking at more expensive equipment it is worth taking a look at DLF, http://www.dlf.org.uk/content/our-services, as they provide independent advice on what might be suitable.

Finally, your local Age Concern branch might have a handyman service for the elderly. If so, they might assist to put up grab rails etc.

Good luck, and look forward to "chatting"


Hi Caroline,

You have been given some great advice.

So just leaves me to say, welcome.