How do I use this forum?

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I posted a couple of weeks ago and received no comments I think. Site not user friendly. Please can anyone help? Would it help if I got email notifications if anyone commented on my post? It seems we don’t.
Click on this link ... it will take you to your thread : ... 76#p398376
Mum 95 with longterm partner 86 double problems.

Interesting reply from BB on there.

QUICK LINKS ... top left ... click on ... YOUR POSTS ... click on ... and hey presto ???

All automated WITHIN the forum ... saves the avalanche of emails in one's email box if , like me , you post on several forums ?
Hi Susan
You can get notifications of replies by clicking on your red user name tab - top right and selecting User control panel.
You will see a row of choices- select "Board Preferences" and then you can select receiving notification by email.

Depending on your screen settings, it is not always obvious you have a reply. On my laptop each message in the thread takes up a whole screen page and there can be a big white space at the bottom of your post. The replies are beneath it but you need to scroll down the page to view them.