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Struggling in limbo

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He hasn't got dementia. The post hospital NHS rehabilitation is for up to four weeks. Prior to this year July he had never been admitted to hospital before, the second hospital admission was due to negligence from the hospital on the first admission. Right now the rehab care home is the best place for him until ready to come home where his confusion should ease as it did after the first admission.
He's entitled to free post op rehab for SIX weeks, or even longer if needed, according to the Care Act, unless i'm much mistaken. Don't let them short change him.
6 weeks ... NHS Continuing Healthcare ... free ?


If NOT NHS Continuing Healthcare , the AGE UK factsheet in .pdf format offers advice and guidance :

Factsheet 76.

Intermediate care and reablement.

May 2018
Hello again!. My Dad is still in the rehab home. He was due to be discharged on the 5th November (4 weeks) but has another urine infection so will stay in a bit longer. Got a call from his physiotherapist to come in for a meeting today,and basically goal posts changed again. Now they are saying although he is physically stronger and much better medically, his care needs have increased (which I already knew) especially at night where he has been going to the loo in bed and being confused on waking. During the day he is not so bad but they are recommending that he get 24 hour care in a care home!. Bit of a bolt from the blue!!. The physio will arrange a meeting for me with the social services to see what they suggest. We recently had a financial assessment so I know my Dad will have to pay. Totally unprepared for this! He hasn't been home in eight weeks since the hospital then rehab admission, and the hospital delirium coupled with the UTI has definitely affected his cognitive ability but i was hoping this would improve when he got home to familiar surroundings. I feel a bit like they are writing him off without a proper diagnosis. He has to stay in the rehab unit at least until the end of next week (which will make 6 weeks) as I will be away for four days. This has just come as a shock!
Are you aware of the undertone?
That his MEDICAL needs have diminished but his CARE needs have increased??
That he needs a CARE home.

No!! He needs a NURSING HOME because the lack of intellect means he cannot control his bowels and bladder any more. Dementia is a PHYSICAL DISABILITY due to shrinking of the brain etc. which is a MEDICAL CONDITION which is ultimately fatal.

What they are doing is using language so you won't think of applying for NHS Continuing Healthcare!!! Make sure they do a proper assessment, and you are present to hear discussion and read reports.
Yes I did mention NHS continuing healthcare and will bring it up again at the proper meeting with the social services.
What is your dad's situation? (Sorry if you've told us earlier a while back)

If he owns his own house/flat, then he has to use the value of that to pay for any residential care.

But if he doesn't, then the council should pay.

If he owns his own flat/house, or not, but doesn't have more than £23,500 in 'cash' (ie, not in property), then he should not have to pay for 'care-in-his-own-home'.

I'm wondering whether they are keen to 'put him in a care home' because they know he owns his own property (so would definitely be self-funding), whereas if he 'goes back home' but doesn't have that £23,500 in cash/savings etc, then THEY would have to pay for the carers going in every day!

In other words, they are financially incentivised to 'put him in a care home' rather than 'have him back home with carers'!!!!

If he does own his own property, how old are you? If YOU live in it, and are 60, they can't make him sell it to pay for residential care. (I don't know what happens if you live in it, but also own another property, eg, one you are renting out, and moved out of to move into his to look after him, etc etc) (others here will know)

In these days of 'national austerity' (amazingly, this only ever seems to apply to social welfare and the NHS - not to the government splurging tax money on rubbish like Brexit negotiations and HS2!!!)(oh no, loads of money around for THAT!).....but, with cash strapped councils/NHS, there will ALWAYS be the 'assumption' that decisions will be made that suit THEM, not US.....
I live with him and he owns the house. We had a financial assessment before he went into hospital and he will have to pay for care. I am well under 60. Meeting with social services maybe arranged for Friday next week as I am away for most of the week. Have many things to sort out financial and legal. I feel they are rushing things.
Meeting with the social services confirmed for tomorrow morning at the care home!
Update. My Dad is being discharged tomorrow with care package in place. He has been seen by a memory doctor and they have made a diagnosis of Parkinsons Disorder Dementia as most people with hospital delirium tend to improve in a rehab care home setting while my Dad has not. Doctor prescribed patch medication for the PDD. Will see how we go, have made enquires into financial and legal advice. I myself will start having counselling at the local carers centre next week.
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