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Struggling Emotionally - Carers UK Forum

Struggling Emotionally

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Hi everyone,

Things have been really hard at the moment. My wife is mentally ill and threatened to do many things to herself. The Services such as Crisis team have been useless and are refusing to come out and see her. Anyone have some tips for becoming emotionally stronger?
Hello Kristian, a warm welcome to the forum. I truly wish I had some "magic" words to write that would help but if I'm perfectly honest I have always found dealing with mental health one of the most difficult things to cope with. I have no doubt that others will come along soon to offer support.

Bell x
welcome to the forum Kristian.
Have you been in touch with MIND at all?They support people with mental illness,as well as supporting Carers.One support worker for Carers used to take me for coffee once or twice a month to offload my feelings.
Crisis team in our area are worse than useless. They go off duty at 10pm and you can't get hold of them till the next day!
I am sure someone else will be along who has more experience,perhaps even some positive advice for you.
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Thank you for the welcomes!

Tell me about it, the times are the same here in Cambridgeshire for the Home Treatment Team.... Are you caring for someone with a similar condition Daisy? x
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hello, Kristian, and welcome form me, too. Sorry I've got no practical advice to offer, other than, have you and your wife gone to visit your GP together? You may also be able to explain to him/her that you are as equally affected by her condition.
Good luck.
Phoebe x
hi and welcome

I have mh issues and do not get a good service my gp is really good maybe worth seeing your gp let him or her know what is going on use a and e if your wife is really bad too let them see what is going on
Hi Kristian,
welcome to the forum. Good idea to see your GP and explain how you're feeling.
They might be able to give you some support, perhaps counselling? I also think MIND could help you, they have a good website and helpline. Is there a local carers' group in your area?
There are others on this forum in similar situations, some who have joined recently.
Keep posting, it helps to de-stress and there's usually someone with good advice to offer.
best wishes, Lesley x
Hi Kristian

I care for my mother who has schizophrenia. Can be very, very hard I know.

Does your wife have a key worker - someone like a CPN who is responsible for co-ordinating her care? Have you had a CPA meeting to decide what care is needed? However, services are being cut back at the moment I know. Crisis team is not too good here either - you can ring them up on the point of suicide and if you have not been referred to them for that particular period of time they will just ignore you.

I get a very good service from a local carers' support group - St Annes. I meet my support worker around once a month for coffee and I can just say whatever I want in complete confidence.

I think it is a good idea to see the GP for yourself at any rate.

Take care