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Self employed part time work - deductions - Carers UK Forum

Self employed part time work - deductions

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I am a stay at home single mum and claim carer's allowance for my 15 year old son with autism.

An opportunity has come up for a part time job and I would like to get back into the workplace. The job is ad hoc and pays £8 per hour before tax and NI. I don't have any set hours but it will be around 15 - 20 hours a week. I will have to use my own car and will get 45p a mile. I can manage this as I can do it when my son is in education or with his therapists. I would be self employed and currently don't pay tax (as I am not up to the basic tax threshold). Therefore I have the following questions:

How long do I need to work before I get a regular pattern and tell CA my hours and pay.
Can I deduct my car allowance from my weekly pay, for example if I earn £130 one week and drive 25 miles, can I deduct £11.25 to £118.75, thus going below the £120 threshold.
If I pay into a pension, does it need to be a recognised workplace pension pot (I don't have one). Or could I set up a highstreet ISA ie Marks and Spencer or Post Office and use that as a pension savings vehicle.

I want to work, but am petrified of going over the £120 per week limit. Some week I may do, others I may not so if I can use these deductable allowances I can be sure I am in the limit.

Also with these deductions I could work 16 hours plus which means I can claim working tax credits which will be an enormous help.

To complicate matters my son turns 16 in January so I don't know if I should wait and declare everything then when I have a pattern of income. He moves from DLA to PIP so don't know how that will affect my CA payments. Is it too late to declare my change of circumstances but have a record and do all at the same time?
Thank you for reading and your advice. I really want to start work again, for my sanity and confidence!
Hi Juliet.

Some rather common questions when many find themselves with that conundrum ... how to juggle caring with paid work ... and keep everyone " Happy. "

Okay , let's start with CA and the £ 120 limit ... and what can be deducted beyond the usual way by way of pension contributions :

https://www.entitledto.co.uk/help/Carer ... ated-costs

A good starter that walks you through the options available.

When to tell the CA unit of a change in circumstances ?


One rather large whale in the room when it comes to self employment and any income related benefits ... UNIVERSAL CREDIT.

A nightmare which may have already been rolled out on your manor ... ? ... post code checker :


Two links follow ... essential reading IF UC has been / is to be rolled out :


https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/e ... f-employed

Be prepared for a maze with a numerous amount of misleading exits !

Working Tax Credits / Universal Credit ?

Universal credit and stopping tax credits.

Universal credit is a new benefit that is gradually replacing working tax credit and child tax credit as well as some other means-tested benefits. ... If you have been claiming tax credits and start to claim universal credit in the same tax year, your tax credit award will stop.

Enough for now ... feel free to bounce anything off us once you have digested the above.
Thank you, something to start looking at!

We are still in an area where we have tax credits.....

Appreciate your help.

Your welcome.

Just one hot rumour to mention.

Green " Rizla " Paper / 2018 Budget ... whichever comes first.

£ 120 limit.

Taper ( £ 1 for a £ 1 ) instead of dropping off that cliff edge.

If the Government want to encourage more family / kinship carers to juggle work with caring , a little sweetener ???

Trouble is , it flies in the face of what is actually happening out there :

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... ater-34467

Possibly the one and only good thing that will come out of either ... still leaving the majority of family / kinship carers with ... zilch.
Would you happen to know if 'therapy' can be treated as child care costs.....I do pay for ABA treatment for my son (treatment for kids with an ASD). Or do they only see recognised and licenced child carers for a deduction......do they have to pass any particular creditials before I can use that as a deductable allowance.
And ..... can I use an ISA for a pension!!
Numerous links ... Internet search ... ISA AS A PENSION ... from an investment angle ... feelin' lucky , punk ?

As for an ISA being recognised as an alternative to a pension for DWP purposes ... deducted against the £ 120 limit .. I have to pass.

Each is governed by different rules ... and even money bet ... with a two headed coin ?

One question that MAY be answered in the EntitledTo link posted earlier.

For a definitive answer , the Carers UK Advice Team ... best by email :

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... line-24147
Therapy as a child care cost ... which may be tax deductable ?

From the Taxman's angle , the following link will be of assistance :


From the Doleman's angle ( DWP ) ... silence ... no relevant links.

Shades of the Attendance Allowance / PIP conundrum ?

Doleman / Taxman ... singing from the same hymn sheet ?

Be " Odd " for one to return the cost through a deduction against tax only for the other to take it back again by disallowing said cost from one's expenses ( To keep within the £ 120 limit ) ?

Possible answer in that EntitledTo link ?

Too many " Should / would / may be " type answers ... you need a simple YES or NO ... if ever that was possible for far too many carer related questions ?

If not , add that one to the existing question for the Carers UK Advice Team.
Please ring our CUK helpline for a detailed answer to your questions.
They will be able to explain the implications of your son turning 16, what he can claim, and the effect on your own benefits. Don't try and sort it out without talking to them first, as what you claim for can make you seriously worse, or better off, depending on individual circumstances.
My own son with LD got full adult income support at 16, but we were not on any other benefits.
Make sure you apply to be your son's "DWP Appointee" so that you manage his money, otherwise it could cause all sorts of problems later.
Yep ... one point I overlooked ... DLA to PIP element ... APOLOGIES.

Seconded BB ... throw that into the mix and a whole new ball game.

For starters , there's enough out there to suggest that the transition from DLA to PIP is anything but smooth.

https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/benef ... u-get-dla/

Certainly a VERY hot topic over on the SCOPE forums.

One advantage over there is that their " Experts " interact on the forum.

Classic case of partnership considerations ... one change for the caree can lead to one for the carer ?

The juggling work with caring element is only one part of the new picture.

Same criteria after your son turns 16 ?

Then throw Universal Credit into the mix ?


Even then , any changes to be made in the forthcoming budget ?