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Not quite a newbie - Carers UK Forum

Not quite a newbie

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I used to participate in this forum a few years ago but I found that very few people are looking after their husbands. It's mainly elderly parents and children. I PM'd a few I found who were looking after husbands and one of them and I have struck up a solid online friendship that has lasted quite a few years now. I can say things to her that I can't to anyone else and know that she will understand. Her husband though is much sicker than mine.
However I thought I'd dip my toe back in and see what's going on now.
My OH has multi level degenerative disc disease and MS and also hidradenitis suppurativa and those are just his main problems. He also has a number of at the moment minor problems which could become more serious especially as he is a heavy smoker. I smoke as well and while I am well aware it's not good for me it's something I cling to. After all I can't eat all the time. I'm already overweight.
What bugs me is I seem to have lost most of my friends. I do meet up with a few sometimes but I'm just not a part of most normal conversations. People just don't want to know and they mention for example, a restaurant and I have to ask about how close I can park and then they'll say something like "Oh you can always park near it" and I just can't be bothered explaining that near is just not good enough. Hubby can walk very short distances, maybe about 30 yards tops and even that's an effort so I keep quiet and don't say anything. I start feeling like I just can't be bothered meeting up.
Has anyone tried carers meetings? I don't know if there are any round here but I'd just like to be able to chat with people whose lives are subject to limitations that are not of their choosing.
Hello Chillilover and welcome back :cheer: :cheer:

Have a look here for Carers Support groups near you

I'm sure Manchester must have at least a couple - if you were based in the South East I could point you to quite a few !

I did google "carers support Manchester" and found this one


I'm glad that you found a like minded friend through the forum - one of the benefits of the forum is that we can vent/rave/have a moan among people who actually understand what it is like to care for someone 24/7/365; most people not in our situation just don't 'get it' do they ?