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Hi Drew just a couple of points to consider:

1. The Cats :)
I can leave mine for a maximum of 36-48 hours if there is no-one who can pop in to feed him (he's overweight anyway, so missing a meal here and there doesn't do him any harm :lol: ). I make sure he has a clean litter tray, fresh water and a bowl of nibbles and he's fine.

2. Disabled Access on London Underground:
Most of the London Underground is accessible by wheelchair now, in some cases it's quite obvious in others you have to ask for assistance - check out the Transport for London website. My Mum needed a wheelchair and if we wanted to go up to 'town' we didn't really have many problems.

3. Also check with the PALs office at the various hospitals regarding what hospital transport might be available and also if there is any help with transport costs if there isn't.

and, please, come on here and have a vent/moan whenever you like !
Hi Drew,

That all sounds a bit of a logistical nightmare for you to cope with. Can't think of any further ideas to help, apart from just one... would you benefit from moving a little closer to London, albeit on a temporary basis, while you're going through this phase of multiple appointments/hospitals? I know London is horribly expensive, but would it be worth renting a property up there for, say, 3 months, to help get you over this difficult period? Failing that, do you have friends/relatives who live nearer/in London, who may have a spare room that you could use from time to time? Maybe moving home is just totally impractical for you and would only add to your stress, but I'm just clutching at straws in the hope that something I suggest might be of use.
Firstly, my heart goes out to you as a 'young' couple. But, I am looking at that list of medications, all those diagnoses, and all those appointments, and asking some more basic questions: which are: Who exactly is supposed to be benefitting from the NHS's finest minds being thrown at this problem if it hasn't been sorted out yet? Either it's curable, or it is palliative: right now I think if it were me I would be inclined to set some targets with my wife for deciding which is the case, and sticking to them. Quality of life is more important than being a consultants pet guinea pig. And £6k will buy a lot of ice creams, delicious romantic dinners, hilarious comedy shows on the pier, and moonlit walks along the promenade.
I agree with Susieq about cats being fine to be left for a day or so, especially if they have a cat flap to come and go with (but even if not, they will survive indoors - even if they don't like it!). Dry food is fine for them, with water, for a day or so.

Alternatively, are there any responsible children/teens nearby who would come in and feed them? I do this with mine when I am away, a friend of my son's comes over, he has the key to the house. If you don't know any suitable candidates, maybe your local church/vicar/minister could recommend some (on the principle that any 'churchgoing' families will be responsible and reliable!)

I do with you all the best possible - the practicalities do seem particularly difficult alas.