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Son with Autism

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Thank you Jenny Lucas and Mrs Average for your replies to my post.
The CCTV is planned to check on what son does after 11pm at night (it won't be on until that time and will be left on all night) The CCTV will then alert nightcare staff if son is up and about beyond that time, they can then go and see son and encourage him to go to bed.
The staff are still learning about my son and his autism and what works for him best. When he was at home with us he was used to a regimented routine, he liked that and we stuck to the routine most of the time. In his own home, there is no clear routine (yet!) due to factors like who is on at night, there were too many staff involved in his care and that has now been cut down to just a few so it is now about fine tuning his routine. They are sometimes reluctant to be 'strict' but to be honest that is the only thing that works for son so we keep telling them ;)
There is no way son would buy food on the internet, he wouldn't have a clue how to do it, or indeed that it could be achieved (god forbid). It is the lack of sleep that has caused most of the weight gain, so if we can crack the sleep routine and get him back into some normality the weight should eventually come off again.
I am tempted to contact a company that installs CCTV to get some advice and then maybe pay them to install whatever they recommend, but obviously this would be much more expensive that sorting it out ourselves.
Son does follow a timetable and sleep is on there, but unfortunately it is not working properly.
So very grateful for everyone's interest and kind advice. Thanks so much x
Just a quick one. I have a mother with dementia and we recently had the assistive technology team visit and they showed us a fancy alarm that can flash up reminders throughout the day. You can add your own messages and photos. So you could have a "go to bed alarm" featuring your voice and photo? I have no idea if that would be worth a look for your son, especially if he likes routine? I hope you are able to get it sorted so he can continue to live an independent life.
Stay strong Mavourneen