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Sole carer to partner

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Hi everyone. For the past five years I've been sole carer to my partner who has ME and is recovering from Cancer surgery, and also has Lymphodeama. I also have serious health problems so life is a struggle; I can cope with it most of the time but I'm sure some respite, if only for the occasional few hours would help me cope.
Hi Dutchie
I hope you find us friendly here, we like to hear all about your trouble, cause they have had all mine, we are a nice group here, if nothing else you can let off stem, welcome and i hope you fine it helps to talk. take care. and (((((((HUGS))))))
Hi Dutchie and welcome to the forum. if theres anything you want to ask some one will have answers.

Kat xxx
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I have not been here long and have posted a few times and have received tremendous support.

Welcome Image x
Hello and welcome to the forums xx
Fellow newbe,welcome.Just join in,any few minutes can help you through the day,it works for me.Enjoy. Image Image Image
Welcome to the forum Dutchie, I hope your partner is recovering well from surgery. Many of us here care for our partners (including me) so you're not alone. Jump into any discussion on this forum - don't stand on cermony here! Roll Call in Carer to Carer is a good way to get to know people on this site. Remember you can private message any of us via the PM icon underneath our names and can start a new message whenever you want.
Many thanks for your messages of welcome.
Hi Dutchie,
Welcome from me too.
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