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Self employed part time work - deductions

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
We have already been approached by DLA people and we are on their radar for my son turning 16, so hopefully we aren't misleading anyone and it will be as smooth as possible. I have notified them that I will be looking after his financial affairs.

Very grateful to all of you out there who try and help others and volunteer to do this during your own time.

I will call the carers helpline on Monday and try and get some solid answers.

I am a well educated woman but can't seem to understand the system! we have enough on our plates caring for loved ones without the headache of working out what is right and wrong. It amazes me how some people manage to cheat the system, but can't string a sentence together.

Thanks again.....
Your welcome.

If the benefit system was ever simplified so that even our Joe / Jo Public could understand / navigate it , £ 13 BILLION+ of unclaimed benefits would not go unclaimed ... and thousands of now ex Doleman ( DWP ) workers would have an inside knowledge of just how the System works ... and how the various , undisclosed , loopholes work ... now to be exploited in their favour ?
When my son went from DLA (lifetime award) to PIP I was very worried, especially as there was no lifetime award for PIP. I have arthritis in my hands and couldn't fill in the form, so DWP sent a "scribe" to do it for me.
I've been involved with the benefits system for over 40 years, but this chap pointed that although my son could physically dress himself, the clothes he chose were inappropriate, so the correct answer to "Can he dress himself was actually "No", whearas I would have put Yes.
Later I had a call from an OT asking two simple questions, I had the impression this was standard practice, and then the transfer was problem free, highest award of both parts.
I hope this gives you some encouragement on the PIP front. I'd thouroughly recommend getting one of their staff to do the form. My son was not present at the time either.
Hi BB I have the same with A he can dress but not appropriate to the weather T shirt in freezing weather thick sweatshirt in all the summer heat we had. Glad you pointed it out as I would have said he could dress himself Thank you :)
Lindi, that's what the forum is all about, sharing experiences.
In total I've had a massive 10 carees over the last 40 years, at one stage 5 entitled to highest DLA all at the same time, one too stubborn to claim it!
I've discovered lots of things in the process, and missed out on thousands of pounds because I didn't know all the rules. Now I just have my 39 year old son with learning difficulties to care for part time, and have time to help others avoid some of the same traps which I fell headlong into.
I liken then benefits system and Social Services to a sick game of Snakes and Ladders!
One of the many 'secrets' no one actually wants to tell you is that if you have dementia, you don't pay council tax!!! I NEVER knew that about my MIL (didn't really matter in the end, as she moved into residential care...but for some it can make a significant difference to the monthly budget, not having to pay c-tax!)