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Self Directed Support

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Hi, i’m new to the forum. I looked after my elderly mum who has dementia and we had a really bad experience using self directed support option 1- Direct payment. There were restrictions on what I could and couldn’t access and private care companies were not always able to provide the care we needed. When she needed extra respite care to recover after a fall at home, I was unable to access this with direct payments and consequently she ended up in long term care, which is extremely upsetting for us. Now ongoing issues financially having been given only residential funding not nursing and house could be at risk, yet no clear information given to us. Has anyone else used direct payments for older age group and if so do you have any recommendations ? as I wouldn’t want this to happen to anyone else. Thanks Nancy
Have you had a needs assessment?
Nancy, everyone is supposed to have a CHOICE about how their care needs are managed, but many Social Services staff don't yet realise this (a battle I'm having at the moment).
First there should be a Needs Assessment
A Carers Assessment
Then SSD should work out how many hours of care are needed. From this information they should work out a
Personal Budget.
Then there is supposed to be discussion about how that money will be spent to meet the needs.

It's all detailed in the Care Act Statutory Guidance, I printed off my own copy in the end, because this is the document the government says all SSD's should be following.
Thanks for your replies. I didn’t really get a chance to get a full discussion of what my own needs were as everything escalated to crisis and it was a really confusing, horrible time.. I gave up SDS because of the restrictions placed on it, as it didn’t give us the choices and flexibility that the legislation implies and there was a lack of information on how to manage it better. .Since mum went in to care and got interim funding in September, it feels like I am no longer considered to need anything as far as social services are concerned. I still visit her three times a week and take her out twice and there is a lot of practical and financial things to sort out. The whole thing is still so exhausting but I find it difficult to contact social services now. It’s another transition for mum and myself now roles have changed again. Still trying to adjust, but I am starting to get more support from Carer’s Centre and Alzheimer Scotland and reading the blogs on this site has really helped. Thx again
Forgot to say just had a quick look at care Act Statutory guidance. Will take more time to read it. Thanks for that suggestion
It is your choice. What do you want to spend money on? Ring your local council to ask for a needs assessment. What does she find hard to do? During your assessment, they might ask you some probing questions about your circumstances etc. Be honest as much as possible.
The next part is a self assessment form. You can ask for assistance with the form. The form contains questions on all aspects of self care, including the ability to stay safe when out and about and relationships. Give as much detail as possible. For each category, all you might need to do is to tick a box.
For more information, visit this link https://www.headway.org.uk/about-brain- ... d-support/
Thanks for your reply thara
The statutory guidance makes it clear that the LA shouldn't be too controlling, that as long as needs are being met, that's fine.
Thanks Bowlingbun, I met my local MSP today by chance and explained my situation. Seems to be taking my concerns seriously. At least gives me a feeling of having some extra support locally. Thanks for everyone’s help from Carer’s UK. I attended the annual meeting and it was so reassuring to get peer support and talk to others Carer’s. Wish i’d Known about Carer’s uk before now, but hopefully can point other’s in right direction and continue to learn more myself . Best wishes to all
Hi Nancy, I guess you made it here! I've not been on for sometime but thought I'd check in again. M x