Schizophrenia hope

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Some hope for the future... a two year trial is taking place of a radical new treatment based on the possibility that Sz is an autoimmune disease. ... gins-trial"

It was also mentioned in “Trust me I’m a doctor” a few days ago on the Beeb.

When my son was first ill I thought he had an autoimmune disease eg Addison’s disease. His sister has Type 1 Diabetes, also an autoimmune disease. I was desperately trying to find a cause other than Sz for his symptoms I guess.
As a general point, it seems extraordinary that SO MANY conditions are now being indicated as being auto-immune in origin.

It does make one wonder whether we in the developed/industrial world have compromised our 'natural' immune systems to the point of 'inducing' other illnesses instead.

Ditto about our gut health being related to SO much. (Including, the latest finding, that those with healthy guts respond better to the new breed of immunotherapy drugs for cancer treatment, than those with unhealthy gut biomes......)

The whole business of 'auto-immune' etc is a fascinating area, and hopefully shows promise for a healthier mind and body all round eventually?????

(The ONE 'cause' of mental illness of any kind that I constantly fight and rail against is that it is 'genetic'. That just seems to doom people.)(And since my mother had MH, I clearly have an obvious vested interest for being so anti-genetic)(irrespective of any evidence !!!!!)
Thank you for the link Lilac. What an interesting article. I've always wondered why some people are affected and others aren't. Ditto with autism. And I'm intrigued why such things are rising.
Do keep us posted
<t>Thank you Jenny and Bowlingbun for your replies. It would make sense if a lot more diseases than we know about have autoimmune causes - it would explain why a disease is in the genes and active in some siblings but not in others. The treatment for schizophrenia at the moment is mainly antipsychotics which is like taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut I always think (ie the bad side effects) and they don’t get rid of the symptoms completely.

Here’s hoping they find cures to all these diseases that we on this site spend our time trying to help our loved ones with. Well done to all of you/us.
Science is going forward in such enormous leaps and bounds that so many unexplained things will soon perhaps have an explanation.
My mum used to talk about tuberculosis, whole families in the streets around her home (on the edge of Poole Harbour) were wiped out. Then a solution was found and sanitoriums became a thing of the past.
I'd really like them to find a cure for arthritis right now, my hands are complaining that I've done too much this week!
An interesting article. Let's hope it leads to different and better treatment options for those with Sz.