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Hello people (o: - Carers UK Forum

Hello people (o:

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I'm a music teacher. 51 next week. I teach guitar, mandolin & keyboards, drums & even occasionally the accordion & harp. I work for a couple of hours per week in schools but most of my work is done at the home I share with Dad. I love my job. Teaching music is all I've ever wanted to do since I was 5 and I'm good at it.

Family help with my dad's care is none existent, my brother lives at the other end of the country.

I've been the only carer for for my Dad for about 10 years. He's refused to claim attendance allowance until just a few weeks ago, because he wanted to prevent me getting carer's allowance. He's often not cooperative, downright abusive at times, not physically, but he has a sharp tongue.

So last saturday he was very dodgy & drowsy so I called the ambulance & it seems he has a lung infection. As they took him away, one of the ambulance guys said to me, "You need to get that hernia seen to."...... gulp.

The possibilities for my dad's care when he is discharged are:

1.) He comes back home. I can cope - with some help. The most desirable outcome, and the least likely.

2.) Respite care for a few weeks, then a return home.

3.) Permanent place in a care home. This is the nightmare scenario, as I will, I think, have to leave the house to fund his care. This would mean no premises for my work, and the collapse of my already teetering business.

Social worker told me to start looking at nursing homes......

I'm just scared and I miss my Dad.

Greetings to all from a blinking noob

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Hi Ian and welcome.
Hello and welcome to the forum Image
Hello to you Ian, I joined this week too. Good aint it?
Hi Ian welome to the forum.
Hello Ian; welcome to this friendly site Image
I can imagine how lovely it is to surround yourself with music. I learned the recorder when I was five, which meant that I could read music, which has since been really useful Image At 15 I taught myself to play the guitar and I still have that guitar now, although I don't play very often as my partner has an aversion to 'Greensleeves' lol. Not only that, the 'D' string keeps going 'twang'! Love the piano, but place is too small to have one, so keyboard instead. Not that I can play it - you may have to give me some lessons lol.
If you've read some of my posts, you'll see that my Mum is going to have to go to residential care. It is a frightening prospect and yours is awful, with the thought that you will lose a lot because of it. Just remember though, that when one door closes, another opens xx
I did not know that I can phone them. I *will* I've obviously got a lot of questions. Great advice, much appreciated.
I don't think my Dad's going to make it past the next few days though. The Doctors just called me in to discuss resusitation issues, so it looks like he's close to death. Image
The house is way too quiet and I miss him like mad.
Again, many thanks
I'm so sorry to hear this, Ian x
Thinking about you Ian. I've been in that position and it's a horrible decision to have to make. x x