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Saying Hello - Carers UK Forum

Saying Hello

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi, Hello to all Mums and Carers
I've just joined Carers U.K. I care for my son, lovely boy with Autism and ADHD and teenager...
...for now I will be on the forum to learn from your experiences abd points of view.
Stay strong, stay positive...(easy to say...we all have our days...)
Best Regards
Hello Paula and welcome to the forum :)

I've split your post and moved it to the New Members section where more people will see it and respond :)
Hi Paula

Welcome to the gang :D
Hello Paula & welcome to the forum.
Hi Paula, my son is now 36, he has severe learning difficulties, ADHD, dyspraxia and aphasia. However, at 36 he has now reached the point where he can live alone in a privately rented flat with carer support. At 20 this seemed to be an Impossible Dream, but bit by bit he matured and developed. I've got some health issues, have been banned for caring for him full time (!) as a result - but he knows that I'm always at the end of the phone and can be with him in 30 mins in the event of a crisis. He also comes home alternate weekends and we go on holiday together, using his Direct Payments "creatively".
Welcome Paula, my son is thirteen, was diagnosed with autism and epilepsy although there is a question mark over this now due to some other problems he has developed. Luckily mine's not been too stroppy yet due to the teenage stuff but he has announced he's not going to go through puberty because it looks ridiculous :)
Hi Paula and welcome,

I care for S who has autism. We have survived the teenage years! S still has his moments, but generally is much calmer and more predictable.

I hope you enjoy the forum.

Hi pula
Welcome to the forum nice to see new members all the time.
Hi Paula,

Welcome to the Forum. A great place to chat with fellow carers. We all have different 'caring' situations but its a good place to swop ideas/experiences and I find I learn about other peoples experiences.

Welcome from me

Welcome paula
I have a son with downs, ADHD and autism..... Hard work but lovely.
Lesley x