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Running out of ideas - Carers UK Forum

Running out of ideas

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I get my £55.55 a week, but that's all I have to live on.

I was caring for both my mother and father starting 5 years ago. My mother dies 2 1/2 years ago and my father has been going downhill a bit since then.

I got carer's allowance this year having finally persuaded my father to get attendance allowance so I could qualify.

I was living in Spain and came back and stayed when the situation got bad for my parents, but my savings ran out a year and a half ago, Christmas is looming, and I don't see how I can make it through it.
Good morning John and welcome to the forum.
I'm not positive, but I think you can claim Income Support to top up your money,- but it does depend on your circumstances.
The benefits system is so very confusing, I would suggest you either contact your local Citezens Advice Bureau, or Jobcentre
I'm sure there will be someone on the forum with more knowledge to help
Hi John and welcome to the forum, i've sent you a private message with a few link on it, hope they help you.
Welcome to the forum John. Hope your situation improves soon - keep us posted.
Hi John and welcome to the forum.

Best place to go for advice on benefits is Carers UK's own adviceline
Click on the link below for details

Hello John, hope things get better, would contact CAB.
Hi John and welcome Image
Hi John,welcome.Hope you get things sorted,the links above are really helpful. Image Image
Hey John, like someone else said I'd go to the carers helpline. The C.A.B you can never get through, and if you visit you have to wait for ever, which when you're carer 24/7 is nigh on impossible. If you are getting carers allowance and you have little savings left and are doing no other paid work you should deffo get income support, tis not much. if you rent own flat then housing benefit and no council tax. If you do get income support that also means you get free dental, eye tests, prescriptions.
Not sure if this helps John, but good luck with it matey, chin up....at least we're doing a lovely thing caring for those we love, when they are at their lowest. We are doing a genuinely selfless good thing for little/no recognition, in todays world that is a rarity.....your a star matey! We're going straight to the front of the queue for heaven, oooops maybe not me I nicked a pair of pants from m+s in Solihull, and I'm a homo....back to hell for me! Am an atheist or perhaps jedi anyho
Thank all of you for your replies. You don't know (OK, you might...) how much it means to get replies from people who understand.

@Kat especially. Sorry for not replying before but there hasn't been much to report before, but yesterday I got sent an Income Support form to fill in (more of a book than a form, but it's not that bad, if you can say 'no' to any question then you get to skip the next 27 pages Image

I have an interview tomorrow at 09:10 so I'll let you know how I get on.

I particularly liked the question 'Do you have more than £16,000 in savings?'

Is there a section here where you can just moan? With a sense of humour after a few posts and contacts of course. My initial impression of this site is that it a) lets people pass on useful information but b) lets you know you are not alone. I'm not sure which is more important.

A moaning section would be good though Image I'd kick it off with a thread on having hearing aids but not bloody wearing them.

Just a thought.