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I have just joined - Carers UK Forum

I have just joined

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I am a 57 year old woman who is in full-time employment and am also my husband's carer. Life is getting much more difficult, but I have no means to leave work, and my husband cannot deal with carers coming into the home (at the moment). My employer is making life even more difficult, but within employment law. I have joined mainly to remind myself I am by no means the only one in my situation. Fortunately my husband and I love each other very much. :D
Hi Eileen,
Welcome to the forum.

I juggle work and caring too. My current boss does things by the book, but is also not at all understanding. No give and take or allowances made whatsoever. I was able to exercise my Carers rights with my previous boss (same organisation,) to reduce my hours and I now work 4 out of 5 days, which has taken the pressure off a bit.

I also employ a cleaner once a week, which is worth every penny!

Hi Eileen
Welcome to the forum and some new friends I hope.
You don't say what's amiss with your lovely husband or what kind of care would be of help. Personal care? Companionship? Someone to make lunch or to take him out? If you would elaborate a little then maybe we can make some helpful suggestions.
Your boss obviously doesn't have anyone to care for. I dislike him already.
Hi Eileen

Grrrr - people like your employer make my blood boil. I suspect if they were in the same position, they would want and need some compassion and common sense applied to their situation too. Unfortunately I gave up work earlier this year, mainly because my employer had a heart of stone and really couldn't understand why I hadn't followed proper procedure (which would have taken about 30 minutes) when I left work early one day when I had had a call from my son's school saying he was on a bridge threatening to throw himself off!! Sure I could have fought it on constructive dismissal grounds, but to be honest, I was too knackered and had my hands far too full already.

Glad you have a great relationship to get you through this tough time. Stay strong xx