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Hi I'm Fran been caring for 6 years for my husband with mental health problems and 3 years for my mum with Dementia who has deteriorated so much she has gone into residential care making my life a bit easier,I'm 55 years old bought up my grandaughter for 18 years my life has been of a carers role forever not complaining though anyway I applied for a job and got it I thought all those years caring something for me I felt good about myself it was hard I didn't realise how much confidence I had lost over the years to cut along story short I was working as a bakery assistant/ cafe working with people arcing customers I loved it and then one day was called in they decided to shut shop no job I just can't pick myself up from this my rent was stopped all my benefits and I was in a mess for weeks now it is finally sorted I have hit an all time low seems I have no one who understands am I being selfishly silly
Hi Fran
Welcome to the forum and no you do not sound selfish, far from it with all your caring responsibilities.
What a shame your job came to an end. I wonder if perhaps you could do some volunteering in a charity shop to give you some purpose for yourself and bring back a little confidence.
Have you had a Carers Assessment ? If not arrange one with your local Council and a needs assessment for your husband .