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right to succession of tenancy

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hi just wondered if i could get any advice .i lived with my parents in a two bedroomed bungalow owned by incommunities housing for 16 years and was a full time carer for my mother from 2000 sadly my mother past away in 2011, after this i asked incommunities if i could become joint tenant with my father , this was refused on the grounds that they had no legal obligation to grant me tenancy but said i may have right to succession if my father past away .so i did not persue this any further. after my mother past away i had to then become my fathers carer and did this till august this year the last few months were very traumatic and he past away in hospital on 31st august .I informed incommunities of his death and they said i would need to apply for succession i did this but was turned down on the grounds that the property has two bedrooms and a walk in shower (which i applied to have fitted because my mother couldent get in out of the bath )and had to struggle for two years giving bed baths before we finnally got a grant,and . So i appealed against there decision and was turned down ,and they could offer me a flat but i dont want to accept this as i have done a lot of work on the interior and also landscaped the back garden to a high standard my self .i spent a lot of time and efort to make the garden nice for my parents .before my mother past away she asked if i would put her ashes nera the pond that she liked to sit by in summer ,so the property has special memmories for me and i dont wish to leave .Any advice would be most welcome.
Hi Brenda
I completely understand why you you would like to stay in your family home. I have worked briefly in housing and ashamed that I can't supply a good answer. I have something at the back of my mind telling me that the law changed to prevent or at least reduce the number entitled to tenancy succession. I think the changes came in with the bedroom tax when the government was trying to ensure properties were not under occupied. I suggest that you make an appointment to discuss this with a housing expert at the CAB who should give good impartial advice.
I know it's heartbreaking for you to leave and unfair but rather then be homeless I would except the flat offered to you as a close friend of mine look after his dad for many years and done a great deal of work in the bungalow he ended being evicted renting private as he was left homeless with 2 weeks to get out he has moved from one place to another with no place to call home . Please look at the options good luck
Hi Brenda, sorry to hear about your situation. I would advice contacting SHELTER who are housing specialists, if they can't help then may try the Citizens Advice Bureau. Hope thing work out for you.
You can not get a succession to the tenancy but you can get a new tenancy on said property with enough complaining, letter writing etc, as a rider to this if you can afford the top up for under occupancy that helps in your letter writing x