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Tell us a bit about yourself here.

For 12 years I was the full-time carer of my mother. She became seriously ill three months ago and I was sent the Palliative Care Team who instructed me on how to administer morphine and left, giving me their telephone number. They only came again in an emergency. The District Nurses came at first twice a week, then once a week to put on the morphine patches and in between I was given their telephone number. They did not attend regularly and I was sent four different doctors from my mother’s surgery. I was alone with a dying mother, the morphine and the telephone numbers. After three weeks and little sleep I became very distressed and exhausted and my mother was taken into a nursing home. She recovered amazingly, as I did, but she was very unhappy so I asked to have her back. Social Services blocked this without giving a reason, despite my mother’s expressed wish to return home. After two meetings with SS, numerous phone calls and letters I was still not told what their ‘ issues’ were. Eventually, after two months, my brother was told that I had been reported and was being investigated by the police. I have not been told what the accusations are, am not allowed to give my side of the story or know who is investigating me. There is no time-scale for the end of the enquiry and I am told I must just wait until the police have finished when I will either be summoned or not as they see fit. Needless to say, I have never in all my 12 years of caring, behaved inappropriately towards my mother, even though she has often been in great pain and am innocent of any wrongdoing. I was left totally unprotected and on the word of one or two people have been stripped of my right to become a carer again, my mother has been denied her right to the last bit of happiness she might have known, my name has been associated with a possible serious offence and I am not allowed to know what is going on and have been treated as though I were guilty. I would be glad to hear from anyone who has gone through a similar trauma.
Hello Lavinia. I am so sorry to hear what is happening and am sure somebody here will come up with helpful suggestions. It is outrageous that you cannot get answers or explanations and seems horribly like the cases being investigated by Christopher Booker of the Telegraph where children are taken away from parents by police on evidence from social services. I hope it works out well for you and meantime please take care of yourself - all best wishes
Dear Thelma,

Thank you for your kind words of support. It feels just like the cases where children are taken away from parents when they have done nothing wrong. I have heard that there is growing concern about the lack of protection for carers who can be reported like this so I will be watching out for any developments on that front.

I have found an advocate from Age Conern Surrey (now Age UK) who is going to be with me if I have to attend any interviews.

Best wishes,

Unbelievable!!!!!!! My thoughts are with you. Pleased you`ve got someone to at least be with you when hopefully the nightmare gets sorted and I hope it won`t be too long. Good Luck.
I am speechless (it takes some doing, does that!)
Just adding my support, too. Please, look in and let us know how it's all going? x

Just a big thanks to everyone who has taken the trouble to send me their messages of support and their photos - this is a terrific help and I do appreciate it. I will post developments when anything happens.

Best wishes,

I'm speechless too.
Please keep us posted as and when you're able to.

Karen x x
I am speechless also, my thoughts are with you, welcome to the forum and
I hope you receive the support you need.
adding my support too.
And my support too.
And welcome to the forum.