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Remember I said I'd need you again - Page 4 - Carers UK Forum

Remember I said I'd need you again

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Perhaps a good cry would do you good? Cheaper than breaking something! I'm widowed, I know that in the early days everything got so bottled up inside that ultimately having a good cry let out all that pent up emotion. I must have boosted Kleenex profits in 2006, that's for sure. Perhaps it's part of the acceptance process, part of the understanding that your old life has been stolen from you. Don't think that crying is a sign of either weakness of failure. It isn't in my books anyhow.
Just rang her office they are going to contact her for me. I wrote down te appointment in my dairy when I was speaking to her the other day. I thought maybe I was wrong but I checked it and I got the day and time and place right. It took a lot for me to contact a support service. I've been let down by so many professionals over the years it's was just easier to do it all myself. Now this and I'm sitting here at the hospital wondering if I should bother with this support service at all now. I'm sitting outside while my husband has his lunch. I'm upset so I'm trying to get a grip because hubby gets upset and has a tendency to over react if he sees me upset.
I didn't expect to be so upset. I thinks it's because I'm used to being let down by doctors and CPNs and the like but I really thought I could trust this lady, it came as a shock when she let me down. It's ok give me a little time and I'll get over it.
Bowlingbun. I was crying in a busy cafe. I think people must have thought the coffee was so bad it made me cry. I've never been a big cryer and certainly not in public I've always had that blitz mentality a stowlewart in the face of adversity. In cinemas near you lol. Now I'm starting to sound like a movie trailer. Carers calamity part 3 1/2. Right I've finally fallen over the edge now I've gone gaga.
Our messages crossed. Perhaps the silly woman made the appointment without realising it was Good Friday? I know it's such a simple mistake but over the years I've often had to say "Do you realise that's a Bank Holiday?" to people who should know better. I'm pretty tough, was taught not to show my feelings, but you know sometimes by appearing tough others don't realise how you are feeling inside. My Princess Royal Trust for Carers counsellor taught me that last year, I'm having to relearn some of my behaviour to say to people "Don't you realise what this is all doing to ME?" They are all so focussed on "the patient". You are not a failure, they are the ones that are failing miserably. Try to do something which makes you feel a little bit better tonight. I'm thinking of you.
Ok so the lady from the support service called me. Apparently she was there and thought I didn't turn up. I was checking my diary to see if I'd got it wrong. She says she saw me and that I was the only one on my own and because I didn't look up ( I was reading my diary ) she was too scared to approach me incase it wasn't me. This service is attached to the hospital they have an office up here. This is turning into a soap opera
Oh for heaven's sake! If she's too timid to even come and say hello she shouldn't be in the job. It doesn't inspire confidence though, and you need someone you can trust. Take care.
Bad management, sending many cyber (((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))
Thanks for the hugs. ((((((((hugs))))))) back. Just had a large bowl of coco pops feeling calmer now Image
She was too scared to approach one person, of the right gender, at the right time and in the right place, in case?? Words fail me!

have you got some answers yet or any nearer to a diagnosis after last weeks fiasco.