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Lack of care & support for mum led to losing job - Carers UK Forum

Lack of care & support for mum led to losing job

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Hi, I’m new here so would be thankful for any help, it’s a long one so grab a cuppa!

My mum suffered a stroke in january this year at the age of 61, i live with her, she has other illnesses too but the stroke has been detrimental to her mobility. We had an assessment and she was discharged home witha care package with a view to started physio....we are now in november no sign on this physio. When she was discharged she could barely walk. My sister has worked very hard to get her mobile again, we managed to get her to the point she was beginning to take steps without her zimmer frame.

In september she was admitted to hospital with pneumonia where they bed bound her for nearly 3 weeks...I work very long hours and could only see her once a week, my sister has a very demanding job so getting to hospital to see mum was quite difficult, hence the quality of her care we feel was questionable based on some incidents that happened whilst she was there. They discharged her home after 3 weeks on a trolley saying she lost muscle mass and will not walk again. 4 days after discharge she was back in with pneumonia - at this point we as a family had enough, the stress this whole year has caused us with the lack of support from social services, physio rehab, hospital had took its toll and I had to take the decision to leave my job (or easily put my employers left me no choice) knowing very well that surviving on benefits its going to be horrendous. For past couple of weeks i go to hospital everyday, attend physio with mum and yesterday she stood up and took her first step, only for a physiotherapist to say to my sister today that he thinks she will never walk again, they have no medical evidence to back such a claim and he said they have other patients to attend to so didnt give her a session today (i have the flu so couldnt go in).

I suppose my question is where do we go from here, apparently shes too young for a rehab facility being under 65. I know my mum can walk, shes making progress but the hospital is not supporting her rehab which for no reason they bed bound her in the first place making her immobile.

For me personally this is a huge blow as i have just lost a career i spent 4 years building, but id rather take that loss than let my mum lose all her hope, I know i’m going to have to put up a fight to get her help. I just need to know where to start.

You need to talk to ACAS immediately about "constructive dismissal" because your employers may have been acting unlawfully.

As far as mum is concerned, she should be entitled to PIP, Personal Independence Payment, both Care and Mobility sections. IF mum was at home, entitled to PIP, you would be entitled to Carers Allowance, and some income related benefits if you have minimal savings. As you left work "voluntariy" I'm not sure where that leaves you - this is why you need to ring ACAS immediately, today!

Carers UK has a brilliant advice line, send them an email (the phone line is desperately busy) and they will get back to you.

Who has told you she is "too young" for the Reablement treatment. Utter rubbish in my view. it should be open to people who need it, regardless of age. Find out who made this rule and keep going up the ladder, rather than accept the excuse of that's the rule, until you get to speak to someone who can get the rule changed.

I would also make a formal complaint to the CEO of the hospital concerned about the treatment mum has received. When I had problems with my mum's hospital, I just rang the switchboard and asked to speak to the CEO, and got to speak to his PA! It worked really well, so hopefully, this might work for you too.

Talk to the Care Quality Commission about the hospital too, they need to know what is going on.