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Tell us a bit about yourself here.
My wife was developed this condition about 3 years ago. Her verbal communication skills
have almost evaporated and her non verbal skills are deteriorating, Its has left a huge void in our relationship.
Hi Thomas,
Welcome to the forum. Have you asked for your wife to be referred to a speech and language therapist? What age is she? Have there been any medical tests to discover why it developed?
SLT cannot help anymore and they discharged her!
She has had an MRI and CT and damage is obvious
No medication available at present
Were you given any explanation for the damage? Was it due to an accident, or stroke, or ...?
its a neurological condition from damage to fronto temporal lobs caused by protein abnormalities
Another label is Fronto Temporal Dementia FTD

It doesn't seem to affect memory but there are other physical symptoms
which emerge such as MND and Parkinsonism.s and PSP
That must be tough. Are either of you getting any support at the moment? If you ask Social Services for a Needs Assessment for your wife, and a Carers Assessment for you, they might be able to offer various things to help. It's difficult to be precise, as each area operates slightly differently.
Have you considered claiming Personal Independence Payment? If you are not sure about any aspect of support or benefits, our Carers UK helpline will be able to give good advice. The phone is often busy, as they are good, but if you email them with details, they will definitely email you back within a week.
Hi Thomas,

While I can't help, I can tell you of my experience of the same thing. My Mum was diagnosed with Aphasia after a stroke in 2010, we were told by the SALT team that Mum's speech should slowly recover.

As time went on it never did, generally Mum would hear a word and repeat it over and over again.

Now the important part, which I'm sure you already know. While the average person on the street dismisses my Mum as a loony due to her impediment, I've learnt that when she is talking she has something to say and can't get it across. Sometimes something quite important I've forgotten.

It's usually can you show me and she'll get up and show me or point to something she needs. She understands every word I say but can't reply verbally. It's hard and takes tonnes of patience on both sides, we get frustrated at each other at times when we can't get to the bottom of what Mum wants. But 9 times out of 10 we get there.

I wish you all the best
There are a variety of communication aids to help people say what they want when they can't speak. Ask Social Services or under the speech and language therapy team. I know they exist but my son doesn't use them. My son with learning difficulties uses a simple version of sign language, called Makaton. Would you wife be able to manage learn this?
Is the problem 'just' with her expressing her thoughts in speech, or with forming those thoughts in the first place?

I ask because if the former, ie, she can think 'perfectly well' but can't get the brain to find a way to speak them, then I wonder whether she can still read? If she can, could you have a pack of flash cards with the most common words on them, and things that apply to your situation, or even simple requests - 'eg 'Please make me a cup of tea', and then she could just fish out the appropriate flash card and hold it up to you?

but of course if the problem is in the cognitive process of thinking and forming thoughts in the first place, that may not be possible.

Sorry if that's a hopeless suggestion!