Power of attorney

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My sister and I have now registered a P O A for our dad. He is showing the early signs of getting forgetful. And becoming more unable to manage his affairs. We are going through the process of informing various organisations. However my dads Gp has refused to accept it and told me to go back to my dad and get him to write a letter giving us permission. I was stunned and wasn’t sure how to respond. I went home and was then very disappointed. Isn’t the power of attorney a legal document? I really don’t want all this problems we have enough to sort out. If anyone has any ideas I would be grateful.
Hi Wendy,

Did you get the Power of Attorney drawn up by a lawyer and signed by him? My husband wanted one made out to my daughter and myself. He was in hospital at the time, and we got our lawyer to come to see my husband to ensure that he coukd testify that my husband was in a sane mind . It was then signed by my husband and the lawyer send it away to the courts to be registered. Perhaps the gp doesn't agree that your relative has dementure. Some of them can be very negative at times.
Hello Wendy

Do you have both types of PoA ? Not just the Finance one but also the Health & Welfare one ? They are different and his GP will want the health one. Yes, you could get Dad to write a letter to his GP saying that he is happy for you to be kept informed and for you to speak on his behalf (or write it yourself and get Dad to sign it).

Both types are explained here:
You can go via office of public guardian and don't need a gp,we got mother inlaw to sign and a witness sent it off and then our solicitor certified it half the cost also.