Please tell us about your experiences of hospital discharge

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
With much publicised pressures on the NHS this winter, we’re keen to highlight the different ways that this is affecting families.

Have you been asked or expected to step in at short notice when a loved one was discharged from hospital? Have you struggled to care for someone post discharge from hospital because they weren’t ready to come out of hospital and/or not enough support was put in place?
Have you or someone you care for had an operation postponed with consequences for your ability to manage your caring role?

If so, would you be willing to share your experiences with the media? Sharing your story could help us reach more carers. Please email for more details.
Michael ... please bear in mind that many problems relating to " Unsafe " discharges from NHS care have persisted for years ... as borne out in the number of postings on this forum.

The NHS Choices web site is the bible : ... rge-care/?

Postings can be found indicating clear breaches in virtually all considerations ... CHC funding the most serious as , in several cases , not even considered / offered.

Obviously . the problems in the past few months , as highlighted by the Press , are systematic of an NHS close to meltdown ... after tethering on the edge for close on a decade.

The current problems show the interlocking relationship ( And inbalance ) between the NHS and social care ... each part of the whole but administered differently.

Therein lies the REAL cause of the current situation.