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Newbie - Carers UK Forum


Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi, I am Robby. I am not a Carer but I would like to learn to be one.
Robby hi - your post made me smile a little :)

Here, I doubt that even a single one of us actually 'wanted' to become a carer! :)

That's because we're 'family carers' - ie, the person we care for is in our family, and we're caring for them because there are no other options available, they need our care (ie, they need OUR care)

I'm wondering whether you are talking about becoming a professional carer, as a career or job?

If so, then this won't, I'm afraid, be the right forum for you, as it is only for 'amateur' carers!

However, perhaps I'm wrong in my assumption, and you foresee a situation in which you, too, will have to become a family carer - in which case this is absolutely the right forum for you! :)
Hello Robbie

I think it is lovely that you wish to learn to be a carer; its a great attribute to have! In learning to care, fundamentally you have to put that person first which becomes {later}, very challenging as you realise that you have no life, or goals to achieve of your own. Clearly, as a newbie like yourself it is a dilema that can be helped by the forum offering support and advice. I wish it had been around when I was a child carer and perhaps I wouldn't have become ill.
As it is, maybe you can volunteer which is a terrific thing to do if you are not caring already, :) as your message wasn't clear. Nor was mine! There are so many things to volunteer for including this forum where you can just add a few words of support which means so much as I have gathered already.
Hope this helps